So, about those buttons. I had finished the yoke of the fls for Elanor and we were going to Columbus for the flea market. To digress a moment: Pk wanted to go to the flea market. I told him he should go himself because I do not deal well with the heat. I'm not kidding. He knows this after almost 28 years of marriage and 34 years of being a couple. I reminded him more than once that I wilt in the heat and it was 90 degrees by 10 am.
Pk insisted it would be fine and he really wanted me to go. I said ok and off we went. We had to park way out in the middle of nowhere and walk to the fleamarket area. This is a huge area. On blacktop. With no shade. I made it down one aisle before I felt my brain grow stupid. And my feet were dragging and I felt lightheaded. I was drinking water and got under the shade but it was too late. I felt bad but I couldn't take it. We went back to the car and with the a/c turned up high, I revived.

On the way home, we stopped at Woolbearers. I wanted to get a pair of 3.5 mm dpns to send to catsmum (she can't find any locally) and I told El to look at the buttons. She found these. They were once a bracelet and are modeled on mah jong tiles. They will give the sweater a distinctive look. I was thinking of some nice wooden buttons but El chose these. I think she has good (if expensive) taste and they look great. I haven't put them on and won't until I wash and block the sweater. I have started one sleeve (already!). I think I would have made it a little longer but she wants it to hit just past her waist and once it's blocked, it'll be just about that length.

I've been home yesterday and today. I'm not sick but Pk is/was. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit woogy (I have an inner ear thing that makes me dizzy and sometimes the medicine takes a while to work) and stayed home. Pk said he was feeling really sick and was staying home. I'm so glad I did. He was tired and pale looking but the scary part came in the early afternoon when he started to shake so hard he couldn't put a glass to his mouth. He kept telling me, "I don't feel feverish" so I didn't think to check. Finally, I put a thermometer in his mouth and he came up with 103.8 F (98.6 is normal). Anything over 102 is cause for concern. I gave him some ibuprofen and he tried to rest. After about 45 mins the shaking stopped and the fever was down to 101. I called the doctor and they said to monitor it and if it went up again to bring him in. It stayed around 100 (where it is today) but he feels better. I think he "broke" the fever sometime late yesterday. I was afraid because he NEVER gets sick. A cold occasionally and he has back pain from an old injury and now he has a twisted ligament in his hip but not sick. I spent the day giving him ibuprofen and liquids. And today he is resting and looking and sounding more like his normal self.

And we finally put the a/c in the bedroom window. He needs to sleep and I can only change the sweaty sheets so often......It feels nice and cool in here right now. Cool enough to work on El's sweater. I'm glad we made it to the end of August. I think if he were not sick and we weren't home all day, we would have made it to the end of the summer. Although, right now, I'm wondering why we waited so long. (oh yeah, the electric bill. I remember now).


Geek Knitter said…
Fevers can be so scary sometimes. My husband runs "hot" anyway, but when he's feverish I have to sleep ont he couch!

Hope PK gets well soon.
Kate said…
I need to stay away from you guys, then. I can't afford to get sick! I'm sorry to hear that Dad was in such bad shape. But you're doing better now?
amy said…
Re: the buttons--what buttonhole did you use? Because I tend to make the buttonholes first, find buttons to fit later, and I'm thinking of starting the FLS but I want larger buttons, but if I find the buttons FIRST, that not only means I put off starting the sweater while I drag my three kids around looking for the perfect buttons (or, duh, maybe shop online) but also requires swatching. Whereas the buttonhole-first-buttons-later option means I find buttons that fit.

Oh, and the buttons are cool! I love distinctive buttons, and how awesome they used to be a bracelet!

Re: the a/c, we don't have one to put in, even, but I'm wondering at what point the money spent on eating out--because I CANNOT cook in this heat, it's 85 IN THE HOUSE--will exceed the increase in the electric bill that would have occurred with a/c.

Hope PK continues to feel better!
Jeanne said…
Scary fever - I hope PK is feeling better!
Kaye said…
Ah boys. You gotta love 'em.

I'm with you on that heat. Ugh. I hate summer.

I'm dreading the electric bill. They're probably just going to estimate it anyway. Allegedly this AC only "adds $48 a year" in electricity with normal useage. What exactly is normal useage?
Galad said…
Hope you both feel better soon. It's too hot to be sick!
Louiz said…
I hope he recovers soon, and your inner ear thing too (I get those, they're horrible)
Rose Red said…
Oh the heat - it reminds me we need to get the AC installed before summer hits here!

Love the buttons, they are so cool!
Roxie said…
Those buttons are cute as a . . .well, um, . . . Those buttons are wayyy cool!

Bummer about PK's fever. 103 is big dangerous, especially for grownups. It can cause dain brammage. Hope you two stay home and stay cool.
DPUTiger said…
Those buttons look great. Hope PK gets well soon!
Bells said…
i just had my first fever in years last week and it was a very strange experience. I hope PK feels better soon!

Those buttons are an excellent choice! They'll look fab.
Amy Lane said…
Poor PK! It's so scary when someone's sick! I know Mate very rarely gets sick as well! (You're so stalwart, not to put the a/c on! I don't do well in the heat either!)

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