Because I can't help myself, here's the inspiration for today:

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

~The Dalai Lama

When I think of all the people in the history of the world I think I'd like to meet and talk to, the current Dalai Lama is at the top of the list.  He seems to be a strong, yet gentle man.  I don't know what he's like in private, but in public, he is calm and peaceful and seems at home wherever he goes.  I envy that.  It's a quality I try to emulate but don't achieve very often.  The world seems to be able to get under my skin too easily.  As I sit through endless meetings today, I will be trying very hard to generate a good attitude. 

Pk and I took tomorrow off.  It'll give us a day to go and finish our joint shopping and get our tree.  I have shopping to do over the weekend but not too much.  Em is coming down to shop with Pk on Sunday.  I asked him why the girls never offer to shop with me for him.  He said "they know I'm incompetent".  I wonder what they think he did before they were born........At least this year he's not shopping on the 24th which was his habit until a few years ago.

I'm feeling some holiday excitement.  The weather is cold and the air is so clear.  The only disturbing thing about this is that there are stars out when I leave for work and stars out when I get home. I watch the sun go down as I pull onto my street.  I've seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets but not much sun lately except out my office window.

My little bit of holiday knitting is moving along.  I really like the pattern I chose.  It's the Wishbone pattern from the IK knitted accessories book.  I know.  The magazine was expensive and had a ton of repeat patterns but since I am not a long time knitter, I don't have the issues with those patterns in them.  There are a lot that I really like and I don't regret buying it.

And check out the new issue of Knitty.  I found the sweater for Pk's alpaca.  The Mr. Darcy sweater.  I think the alpaca will let it drape just the way he wants it to but I'll be sure to swatch in the pattern to make sure.  He saw it and said 'that's it' so there you have it.  In my mind, Pk is my Mr. Darcy .  Which reminds me of an exchange I was part of on Tuesday.  One person said that he was "trying" to get along with his wife.  The other said, "I think after a few years, other people start looking more interesting than your spouse".  They agreed to this and I HAD to speak up.  I said, "I don't agree.  My husband is still the most interesting person I know and the first one I think of when I hear something interesting to share".  They looked at me like I was some naive bumpkin and someday I'd learn.  I reminded them I've been married for 28 years and if I was going to lose interest, it would have happened by now.  I don't think I convinced them.

Ok.  Time to go and generate that good attitude and check some phone messages and emails and start the paperwork that makes up a good portion of my day.  Have a good one!


amy said…
At least he was trying, I suppose! It always shocks me when I hear about people having huge marital problems, although I don't know why. It's common enough. Someone we know, his wife was cheating on him. They have three kids, and my first thought was, When the hell did she find the time??? She met the guy at the gym. Perhaps that's the secret of my happiness with Husband. I have neither time nor inclination to go to the gym...

Enjoy your day off tomorrow! In the right frame of mind Christmas shopping can be lots of fun, especially with the right person. ;)
Roxie said…
"Other people start looking more interesting than your wife. Oh grow up, you big spoiled baby! You get returns on your investments. If the marriage isn't paying off the way you think it should, try investing a bit more in it. Grrr!

The sweater is gorgeous and will be toasty warm! Lucky PK Darcy!
Bezzie said…
I like Mr. Darcy--I'm not sure about that collar though. It's not very Mr. Bezzie. YOu're a brave woman and quite the spouse tackling that for Pk.

I don't lose interest in my husband--but I know I would lose interest in my husband's sweater I was knitting! Hahahah!
Dianne said…
I LOVE that your husband is your Mr. Darcy.
Rose Red said…
I agree about the Dalai Lama - I think it would be quite the experience to meet him.

This year, I have bought my christmas present from my husband - which is ok, because it means I get something I both need (maternity clothes) and like!

I agree with Roxie - that guy just isn't trying hard enough with his wife. I couldn't imagine admitting that, why get married in the first place if you have that sort of attitude?
Bells said…
i do feel very sorry for people for whom marriage is a slide into boredom and disconnection instead of a process of growing closer over the years. How dismal.

I love the Mr Darcy sweater but have no idea why they called it that. I'm sure in Jane Austen's England gentlemen wore shirts and coats, no knitted jumpers. Although Colin Firth would look quite lovely in it, as I'm sure will PK!
Alwen said…
Oh, man, we've been married for 21 years now, and we were just talking yesterday about how lucky we were to find each other and what we love about each other. Naive, schmaive.

What you think on DOES grow, and if you are always asking, "Why do I love you so much?" you keep finding things you love.
I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

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