Tonight: A chance of snow after 1am. Cloudy, with a low around 24. Northeast wind between 5 and 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

Saturday: Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 30. Blustery, with a north wind between 18 and 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.
Saturday Night: Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 22. Blustery, with a north wind between 18 and 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible.
Sunday: A chance of snow before noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 33. Northwest wind between 13 and 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

This is our weather forcast for the weekend.  There's a chance for a total of 18 inches of precipitation.  It's unusual for us to get such a storm so early in the winter (it's not technically winter yet, not until Monday).  I am sooooo glad we took today off and finished the holiday shopping.  Pk and I went out this morning and got some things and then we came home and picked up El and got our tree.  It smells good.  Like amy, we always have a real tree.  The township mulches them so they don't go totally to waste.  It's a different type this year, a Fraiser fir.  We usually get a Douglas fir but for some reason this year they were all too small.  And Pk likes a big tall tree.

Peter Kevin and I went to the grocery store.  It was our regular biweekly trip but we had to compete with all the 'storm shoppers'.  You know those people.  The ones who are afraid they'll be snowed in for possibly DAYS and won't have milk or eggs or bread and will DIE!  Only once in the last 20 years have we gotten enough snow that we had to stay in the house.  We got all the groceries we need for the next two weeks and for the holiday.  We're set.  I have enough ingredients to make all kinds of cookies.  I'm looking forward to it especially since it will be snowing all weekend. (Pk and Emily are supposed to go shopping on Sunday but I guess it'll depend on the weather.)

We put the food away and El and I went out to finish our shopping.  It was crowded but not unpleasantly so.  I wasn't in a hurry so I didn't mind all the people.  The funniest part was that the boot section was a mess and there were no boots left.  I noticed the shoe store had a full lot, too.  Probably people looking for boots.  One of the hardware stores had a sign up that said, "NO, we don't have any shovels.  Don't even ask" and I overheard one of the Target workers' walky talkies going off about how they had no shovels or snow melt.  I feel positively prescient.  I bought two bottles of environmentally friendly (non salt) snow melt this morning at the drug store.  And we have at least one snow shovel.  My brother has a snow blower if it's really that bad.

Snow is a pain in the ass, I'll admit.  But because it's not a frequent visitor around here, it's gives everything a holiday feel.  We're looking forward to it.  I hope you are having a good pre-holiday weekend and the weather where you are does not impede your plans!


amy said…
Either our tree gets mulched at the dump, or we haul it into our "scrubby" where it serves as extra shelter for the critters.

I can't get a fix on how much snow we might get. They're warning of blizzard & whiteout conditions because of the winds, but total accumulation might not be that much near the coast where we are. Southern New England still hasn't gotten over the Blizzard of '78. It's a deeply imprinted genetic memory that makes people rush out for their bread & milk. (Luckily, we're not cooking with eggs anyway!!) My only concern is if we lose power we lose heat, the ability to cook, AND water. I do keep meaning to figure out the whole generator thing.

Enjoy! "Oh the weather outside is frightful..." :-)
Galad said…
I really like Fraser firs. They have a nice shape and firm branches that are good for hanging ornaments.
I'm sure it will be lovely.

Glad you got your shopping done and are ready for the big storm.
Bells said…
oh such a contrast to our christmas weather, me sitting here in a singlet and shorts, sipping another glass of iced water and wondering if I'll get to sleep ok tonight!
Roxie said…
(sings)I'm dreaming of a white Christmas - - at YOUR house, not mine. 2 inches shuts down my whole city. Of course, we don't salt the roads, either. Not environmentally friendly.
Bezzie said…
It was my bi-weekly shopping trip too...and the police were at the store directing shoppers who were lined up around the perimeter of the inside of the store. Took me an hour to check out. YIKES.

We did get dumped on exactly a year ago too. Enough where they cancelled maybe it's not so unusual after all ;-)
gay said…
it will be a white christmas for a change huh? i went out driving in it today anyway and since most of my shopping is done i'll be baking tomorrow. enjoy the snow!
handeyecrafts said…
I know everyone in the path of this huge storm isn't delighted with the snow, but, boy, sitting here in the South, it looks so wonderful. . .

We always get firs as well. They were small here, too.
Amy Lane said…
snow-- I think your level of snow is the best! And I don't regret getting a live tree this year... all of the bad smells in this house, and the tree is the best!
TinkingBell said…
I still envy those with white Christmasses - but this year I am looking forward to a sunny Australian one

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy each others company!
Jeanne said…
Did you get a lot of snow? It was nice to have an enforced snow day and just relax from all the rushing around - hope you had a nice snow day too!

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