This is what the front of our house looked like at 9:30 am on Saturday.  We decided we'd go to the Farmer's Market early and get kielbasa for the holidays. 

Unfortunately, our car had other plans.  We had so much trouble getting any traction (I have 4 wheel drive and I think I need new tires) that we opted to pull right back into the driveway and stay there.  Better to be stuck at home than on a road somewhere!

So what did we do all day?  Besides watch the snow, I mean?  We baked cookies!   Peter Kevin wielded the pizelle iron and made a double batch of cookies.  Some he drizzled with chocolate.  They're delicious.  I have to apologize for the flash photos, it was snowing and rather gray.

I made a batch of rogaliki (butter horns) and I'm not happy with them.  They taste great but they spread way more than they should have.  This is probably because I used Plugra instead of our regular butter.  This was done with Pk's blessing (these are his favorite of all the cookies we make).  Plugra is butter with extra butter fat, the one the pastry chefs use.  We've been seeing it in the store and decided to try some.  While it made the cookies taste good, the added fat made them spread too much.

Next up were sugar cookies.  We had the usual range of mooses, cows, bells, trees, etc.  And snowflakes covered in 100's and 1000's.  Pk, El and I decorated them last night.  It's always an event when we do this. We start out all creative and artistic and then fizzle out at the end as we get tired of all the frosting.

Today, I'll make the dough for some spiral cookies El likes and she'll make spritz and if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll make a babka today and freeze it and then make another one later in the week.  One is never enough.

Pk is going to make omlettes for breakfast (he makes a mean omlette) and then start shoveling.  It'll probably take a while since we got 20 inches of snow.  It's beautiful but it'll be a pain to dig out.  And we have to go to work tomorrow.  I'm so glad it snowed over the weekend.  Tomorrow will be a mess and people will not be able to get in for their appts and I'll be hustling to reschedule them.  I only work Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off until next Tuesday so I'll have to do what I can.

Oh, here's our side gate.  This is taken out my bedroom window.  That's a 4 foot fence and gate.  The screen was frozen and when I tried to force it up to take a photo, it fell out into the snow below.  Pk says he'll get it later when he shovels.  It looks like this all over.  Because it was windy, there are large drifts  and some things have entirely disappeared.  I was enjoying thinking of Bells sitting in her shorts drinking an iced beverage!  We consumed large quantities of hot drinks yesterday and I'll probably make a pot of cocoa for breakfast.

It looks like we're housebound again today and I'm ok with that.   I like being forced to do things like bake and knit or spin.   Em and Pk were supposed to go shopping but I don't think that's going to happen.  I could be wrong.....they're intrepid.  And I see on the news that the stores are open today. 


Roxie said…
I hate the freezy skid stuff. Are you ok with it? The photoss are really really pretty, and the notion of being compelled to bake and knit and spin is appealing, but the idea of having to go to work in that mess, not so much.
amy said…
The drifts here are taller than my daughter. I flagged down a guy with a plow and asked how much to do the driveway. $30 was a bargain, because I think it might have killed my husband to do the whole thing. Your house does look seasonal though, doesn't it? Just like a Christmas card!

I have a chicken to roast and football on TV. Why not be snowed in? :)
Kaye said…
Sounds like a perfect snow plan to me! I'm doing the opposite--just finished shoveling and sledding, now to bake!
Alwen said…
Meanwhile here, we have an inch or three! That's okay - we had plenty of snow for the 2008-2009 winter. I'm willing to share it for this one!
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a great weekend - I don't think there is anything as nice as being snowbound, making cookies, knitting and spending time with family!
Louiz said…
What a nice way to spend the time!
Rose Red said…
Snow looks so beautiful and magical, but gee I'm glad we don't get it - it must be a right pain to have to try and drive in it.

Your baking looks fab. I'm having a big baking day tomorrow, with my 10yo niece as assistant!
Dr K said…
oh look at all that lovely snow! i know it must be painful when you live with it, but id swap you in an instant. love all your sugary treats too. i am baking as well today, but it will be slightly warmer here!
Sheepish Annie said…
Cookies!!! What a great way to spend a day inside. I'd rather have cookies than kielbasa any day!

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