On the way to work this morning, the train was stopped between stations and moving along at a foot at a time.  We'd stop and sit and then move a little and then stop some more.  We were wondering what was going on (and figured it was weather related) when the conductor came on and said, "Good morning folks.  We're in for an adventure here but I promise we'll get to Westmont (one of the next stops)  Just a little problem with the third rail ". (the train is electric)  Pk and I chuckled.  It's nice to hear someone with a sense of humor. This is the road behind my house.  Pretty, isn't it?    Like powdered sugar.

I don't know if I told you about the coworker who asked me to teach him to knit  the first week in Dec.  It was asked in passing and I said "sure" and kept walking.  When I had a chance, I stopped back and asked what he wanted to knit.  "A stocking for my daughter" (his little girl is 9 months old).  He wanted to make a stocking and put a poem in it or a note describing how it feels to be her father.  I thought this was very sweet but was pretty sure he could not knit one in less than three weeks.  I offered to come up with some craft he could do in the limited time available.  That weekend, I found a needle felted stocking kit and bought it.  Since Dec. 4th he has been in my office most mornings, learning a new craft (and me, too, since I'd never needle felted anything!) and talking about how excited he was to be doing this.  I promised him that if it wasn't done by the 21st that I would take it home and finish it so he would have it by Christmas.

This morning, I added some french knots (he just couldn't get the hang of them) and sewed it together.  He loved it but asked me to put his daughter's name on it.  I did that first thing after I got home tonight so it would be sure to be done.  And here it is.  His wife is skeptical and I can't wait till she sees it.  She bought a stocking because she didn't want something tacky and "glittery".    I think this is beautiful because every bit of it is filled with a father's love for his daughter.  He is so proud and so am I.  This may be my favorite holiday gift.  I got to help someone achieve something that he didn't think he could.  And how cool is that?

Pk and Elanor are out shopping.  I spent the evening wrapping the last of the gifts (phew).  Now all I have to do is some baking and I'm off the 23rd and 24th so I have plenty of time.  I have some knitting I'd like to get done and I'll be working on that, too.

And because I know you're dying to know what the cats have doing with all this snow, I'll show you.  Hobbes is closest to the front and Calvin is curled up against the laptop sucking up the heat.  They haven't moved much in the last few days.  Hobbes, who likes to sit out front and watch the world go by, is distraught.  The sidewalk is too cold for him to sit on and there isn't too far he can go.  He'd sink over his head.  He likes to sit in front of the door and have someone hold it open for him to sniff the outdoor air. Which we do not do because as my mother said very often, "we're not paying to heat the outdoors".    So, the next best thing is.....sleeping.    I'm trudging through the snow and slush to go to work and they're sleeping on the bed in a nest of blankets. Who rules this roost?

Yep.  They definitely do.


Galad said…
The stocking is beautiful and such a lovely thing for a dad to do. Hope his wife is appreciative of the effort (I'm sure his daughter someday will)

Keep warm!
amy said…
Love love love the stocking. That's the same exact reason I learned to knit! Except I thought of it in October, so it was a little more do-able. ;) Somehow, once I had a child, I strongly felt that a store-bought stocking just wouldn't do. I love how our five handknit stockings look hanging all together.
Rose Red said…
I simply LOVE the stocking and I especially love that it was made by the dad. I don't even think he needs to put a poem inside, I think the stocking says everything he needs to say about how much he loves his daughter.
Bezzie said…
Cute stocking! His little girl will have it the rest of her life. Aww!

Hee hee, that's what my one cat does all day. He's the sole member of the Lazy Man Society. Sleeping for 18 hours straight is hard!
Roxie said…
The photos are beautiful, and you're putting a good face on it, but snow sucks rocks! Evil, slippery, skid-stuff!!

The stocking is terrific! What an awesome dad!! His daughter is so lucky, and she probably won't begin to realize how lucky she is untill she's fully grown and away from home. Hope he lives long enough to be fully appreciated.

Admit it - you'd be right there with the cats if you could get away with it.
Olivia said…
You did a great job finding a way he could make the stocking in time. It's lovely! Maybe he can learn to knit in time for the next baby.
DPUTiger said…
That stocking is completely awesome. Good for you for helping that dad make such an awesome gift for his daughter. Congratulations to both of you (and his wife is totally going to have to eat her words!)
Amy Lane said…
What a lovely thing you did for that man--and what an awesome gift! (I have to close my laptop because my cat keeps sucking on the heat too-- poor Hobbes... it will be green and warm again soon...)

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