I think I am not Sock Wars material. 

I am not a sock knitting newbie.  I have made many pairs of well loved socks.  I went into this knowing full well I would not be the last knitter standing but hoped I'd finish at least one sock.  I'm still plugging away but am not sure how this is going to go.

I am working on a pattern called Don't Box Me In, an eyelet pattern that I rather like.  Because of the way the stitches fall, there is a thin stripe of stockinette that is supposed to fall down the middle of the back of the leg.  When I was barreling through the foot (and feeling optimistic that I'd finish a sock), I happened to read the Sock Wars ravelry thread and stopped dead in my tracks. 

First, a little digression.  In Sock Wars, a "misfire" is considered a sock that for whatever reason is unwearable (size, knitting, whatever).  Misfires cannot kill their target and disqualify the sender.

Ok. So I learned that because my stockinette stripe fell on the inside of the leg, the socks would be considered a misfire.  Many many bad words were uttered (in private).  I waited for the decision of the Supreme Commander (whose word is law).  She said "misfire".  So, I had to rip out the almost completed foot all the way to the beginning of the heel and recount the stitches to make the stripe fall in the back of the foot.  (I ended up ripping back the heel a 2nd time due to the way the stitches fell for the instep but that was my choice).

So, now I have completed the heel and picked up the gusset stitches and am once again working my way back down the foot.  I have learned (or should I say 're-learned') that I do not like being rushed.  I don't like deadlines and having to feel that I MUST knit in order to fulfill some requirement, self imposed or otherwise.  I really wanted to spin but I would feel GUILTY, like I wasn't giving Sock Wars my best effort.  (I am heavily laden with an abundance of guilt genes).  I can't find my name on the master list of assassins/targets so maybe no one is trying to kill me?  That would be too much to hope for and I'm sure it's just a typo.

Oh, well.  Time to go to work and deal with people with real, actual problems. 


Roxie said…
I don't think you have that killer instinct. And I HATE knitting on a deadline. Since I knit for pleasure, doing something I hate is counter-productive. What is it about sock wars that appeals to you? Maybe there's anoather way to get it.

Besides, you are such a generous, joyful person. Trying to "kill" someone just doesn't sound like you. YOu would feel so sorry for them afterwards.
amy said…
Your last line made me laugh. I think Roxie is dead on (sorry for the pun, considering!). What is it about sock wars that appeals to you? Knitting on deadline obviously isn't it. I HATE knitting on a deadline. (Despite this, I'll be participating in Ravelympics, but only because someone in a group I run asked if we could start a team, and it seemed un-fun of me to say sure, go ahead, but I'm not playing. I'll play, but I'm not going to set myself an impossible task considering the three kids and all.) The very idea of sock wars makes me gaspy. I'm the kid who used to get so nervous while playing PacMan on Colecovision (WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WITHOUT ATARI!! Gah, now I feel old) that I had to stop playing. Whenever those ghosts got too close I'd drop the controls and run.

So. Probably no sock wars for me ever!
KnitTech said…
Isn't the point of sock wars to knit someone else a pair of socks? Sure you want to have other pairs knitted before you get your pair.
Donna Lee said…
I think part of the problem is that I got all caught up in the excitement and then the reality hit me in the face! I wouldn't sign up again. Not because I don't think it's a good idea but because I think it's not a good idea for me. For now, I'll slog through until a pair of socks comes to my mailbox killing me softly......
Jeanne said…
That's too bad - I'm sorry you had to start it over, but I'll cross my fingers you make it through this round.
Anonymous said…
You are made of sterner stuff than I! I couldn't do anything like Sock Wars because of the panic. I may play sock roulette again, but I gave away a pair of socks I loves and got a one that didn't fit and the dye ran after washing it, so the two died.

I think that's why I'm on a KAL roll at the moment. No real deadline, and all the comeraderie of knitting the same pattern or to a specific event...
Olivia said…
hey at least you gave it a go! It's not life or death. I am way too individualistic, I have never even done a knitalong let alone anything like this! (Indeed, "Don't box me in" sounds perfect for me, where can I get a copy!)
Sheepish Annie said…
You are a brave woman. I'd probably just have to shoot my own self in a sock war and be done with it. Too much pressure!

I'm thinking good thoughts for you!
Rose Red said…
I hate deadline knitting too, which is why I don't do swaps any more (although I do like a KAL - as long as I pick a project I can get done in the time limit, if it's that sort of KAL).

Bummer about the misfire, I hate ripping back even when I'm not on a deadline.
Anonymous said…
your last line made me laugh.

Oh I see Amy already said exactly that!

It sounds so damn stressful! Thank goodness our mystery KAL doesn't have wars and misfires!!
Dianne said…
I'm with you. At first glance Sock Wars sounds like fun, but in reality, who needs more pressure in their lives?
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