Good Sunday morning.

I thought I'd show you a photo of my weapon.(with cat hair!)  This pattern was made for Sock Wars by the Supreme Commander, Helen Waittes. it's called Don't Box Me In.   It's a fairly simple pattern, if you're paying attention.  There are three patterns to choose from and I thought they all used the same sized needles.  I had a few inches of this done on Friday night on 2.25 needles only to discover it was written for 2.75.  I ripped it out and started over.  Several inches later on Saturday morning, I decided that 2.75 mm needles made a fabric I didn't like so I ripped that out and started again on 2.5's. That seems to be a good size.  Gauge is very important in Sock Wars.  If your gauge is too far off (8 stitches/inch), you can be disqualified.  I guess this is to keep people from using bulky yarn and finishing in an hour!

I knitted between loads of laundry and managed to get this much done.  I love the yarn.  It's the January yarn from Roxanne (art walk sock yarn club).  The blues are just perfect.  My target said she likes blue.  I think she'll like this.

We headed over to Philadelphia to have dinner with some friends.  I took the weapon with me to work on but it was difficult.  The car ride was too bumpy to be able to knit easily and then it was dark. (it's illegal to drive with the interior lights on). We got home close to 11:00 and I was tired but felt obligated to do a few rows.  Now here we are this morning.  We're meeting Patrick and Kate for breakfast at 10:30 and then I have to go grocery shopping.  I'll probably get a chance to sit down and work on the sock after lunch.  In my head, I see knitters casting off their first sock and casting on the second and I can feel the target on my back.  I'd like to get at least one done before I die but events have not been in my favor!

We had dinner in a Korean restaurant.  The kind of restaurant that Koreans eat at, not Americans.  It was authentic and fun.  There were strange veggies (like lotus root-kind of sweet) and lots of spicy food.  I am not a fan of spicy food but there was enough for me to enjoy,too.  And I ate it with chopsticks. (and managed not to spill any on my shirt, unlike Peter Kevin but we won't talk about that).  It was an enjoyable evening and really?  I don't regret not being able to knit.  We don't see these friends too often and I like them. 

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day here in the US.  It's a federal holiday and lots of people have off.(It's supposed to be a day of service and lots of folks volunteer somewhere in their community)   I 'll be at work.  And I am determined to go to find the knitting group at the bookstore. 

But, today is Sunday and after the groceries are brought home and put away, I should be able to spend some quality time with the weapon   sock. 


Roxie said…
Wow, you really have focussed in on this. Good hunting, dear!

Your dinner sounds marvelous. I just love spending time with old friends over new foods!
amy said…
Chris doesn't have tomorrow off either. The rest of us will be staying home in various states of recovering from colds. I went to the market today too, so I didn't have to take the kids tomorrow (never know when one of them will catch this cold), and now I'm beat. I just want to huddle under some covers for a while.

Good luck with your speed knitting! The color is great.
DrK said…
that is a terrific blue and your weapon is growing quite remarkably! is that a sock in your pocket.....
Rose Red said…
Great colour!

I have a little book light (the sort that clips onto the book and shines just over the page) which I use in the car at night - I clip it onto my seatbelt and it gives enough light to knit by without bothering the driver, or oncoming vehicles.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
ooh nice socks! Glad you found the right gauge! Fabulous colour.

I love Korean. It's a real experience isn't it - the real thing that is. All those little side dishes of curious ingredients, the hot pots etc. Love it!
Em said…
Knit like the wind, nice lady! You can do it! The blues in that sock are gorgeous, I'll bet your target loves them, even if they get taken out.
Amy Lane said…
Wow-- that is a BEAUTIFUL color! And I love eating someplace that feels authrentic!

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