Sometimes things happen and you get upset but you get over it.  (ok, sometimes not).  Last year, my old laptop got a virus.  Pk offered to wipe it clean and replace the operating system.  I agreed to let him play with it with one caveat.  I wanted him to save my photos and my favorites.  He agreed.

It didn't work out quite that way.  He saved the email, he saved the favorites and lost the photos.  I was heartbroken.  There were photos of the day he flew the WWII plane and photos of my surprise 50th birthday party and others that I couldn't replace. 

It taught me a valuable lesson.  BACK UP THE PHOTOS!  Which I now do.  Sometimes.  Last night, as I was laying in bed waiting for the cold medicine to knock me out, I was playing around with my mp3 player.  I'm one of those people who does not explore all the capabilites of their electronic devices.  Does it play music/books?  Then fine.  I don't have to know that it also cleans toilets and cooks dinner.  As long as it does what I bought it to do, I'm good. 

Well, I was listening to a book and waiting to be able to breathe well enough to get some sleep and started pushing buttons on the mp3 player.  I found PICTURES.  I didn't know what that was so I checked it out and lo and behold there were pictures!  Not just any pictures!  These pictures!  Pictures from the day Pk flew in the plane.  Our day at Cape May!   I was ecstatic. 

And perplexed.  I have no idea how the pictures got onto my mp3 player.  I didn't put them there.  I don't use it for photo storage.  It must have been a random event.  But there they were.  About 100 pictures that I thought were lost.  I was so happy (it really doesn't take much to make me happy).  It isn't all the photos that I lost but a good deal of them.  I backed them up onto my flash drive and now they're safe. 

How weird is that? And I have no idea how they got there but I'm thankful.  Today will be a rest/sleep day.  My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton and no amount of blowing my nose seems to clear it.  Yuck.  I am using tissues at an alarming rate.  My advice is to buy stock in Puffs.

I went back and did some knitting on Pk's sweater.  The alpaca feels so nice and soft and it's such an easy pattern that even with a head full of cotton, I can pay attention.  I'd like to do the swatch for the shawl kal but I don't think I have the brain power for it today.  I have some lovely roving to spin.  Em and Jim gave me a few different types and one of them is oranges and pinks and yellows.  It looks like sunsets and sunrises.  Really beautiful.  I'm spinning it thin and I'll leave it a single and make something lacey with it.  But that is getting ahead of myself. 

For today, it will  be enough to just breathe.  Breathing is really underrated.


Bezzie said…
How weird! But wait, now that I think about it, I've gone back to find pictures on my hard drive and found they've been replaced by songs. Maybe there's something going on there???
But yay! You've got them back!
Galad said…
What a gift to get your pictures back! Keep breathing and have a restful day.
Jeanne said…
Great that you got them back - I've lost pictures in the past and now I put them on Cd every so often - glad your found yours!

Hope you are feeling better!
Roxie said…
What a marvelous blessing! Something good to compensate for all the snot.

Does the doctor know you're still blowing up a storm? You poor baby! You must be dehydrated from all that. Hope the days of rest have helped.
Rose Red said…
I think it's a karmic reward to you for being a good person! Nice.
Bells said…
most mp3 players will do it automatically. If it's set up to automatically update all files, it'll do it. My iphone does. And my previous ipod nano did. I imagine most other varieties do it too. They just sync with your computer!

Either way, excellent news!
KnitTech said…
It's always nice to find something you've thought you've lost.
Sheepish Annie said…
Yay!!!! I remember when you lost those photos and how sad it was. What a nice surprise for you to find them! PK in the plane is the kind of memory you can't replace.

Hope you feel better soon.
amy said…

I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried leaning over a steaming pot of water, with a towel tented over your head? I used to do that when I got bronchitis, when I was waitressing in smoke-filled restaurants. A few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water... it does help a bit.
Louiz said…
What a nice surprise!

Hope your nose improves
SwissKnits! said…
I'm so happy for you!!!

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