For the first time in 5 days, there is sun outside the window and no precipitation is falling out of the sky.  It just lifts my spirits to see.  Yesterday when we were leaving work, I thought I saw snowflakes falling on the windshield of the car.  It was cold and rainy but I didn't realize it was that cold.  The weather forcast was for a "wintry mix" so I was probably right.  It's disconcerting since they are predicting practically balmy weather for the upcoming weekend.

I was thinking maybe we could have a picnic for Easter dinner but the ground will be too squishy.  It's going to take a few weeks of dry weather for the ground to firm up.

I have been working on my evenstar shawl but it's slow going.  I didn't even make it through two rows last night.  I wasn't in the mood and I didn't want to mess it up.  Each row is 560 stitches at this point so it's not a quick knit.  It's been a little contentious over there on the kal boards on ravelry.  In theory, I guess if you get over 1,000 people together, there will be someone who isn't happy.  I've never done a 'mystery' kal before so I don't know how these things usually go but the lack of tolerance from some people has surprised me.  Now, let me state for the record that I believe everyone has the right to express their frustrations and opinions (as long as they're civil about it).  What's bothering me is the fact that other people jump on top of the person who has expressed a frustration.  Why do people take these things so personally?  The level of angst escalates so quickly.  It sometimes feels like a middle school fight!  I've tried to back away but since I'm one of the moderators, I kinda have to read through and help keep the peace.  I think it's that cyber space anonymity thing. 

It's Wednesday so it's a gym day.  I'll be sure to be gentler with myself so I can make it to knit night.  Last week I made myself sick overdoing it on the cardio. 
And yes, things here are generally open on Good Friday.  I think it's all part of that separation of church/state in the Constitution.  Banks will close early (but banks always close early) but most businesses are open.  My office is open all but a few holidays each year.  We only close for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (but not the day after), Christmas and New Year's Day.  Six days out of 260 (we're closed weekends but someone is on call).  I understand it, we're a mental health center.  We NEED to be open. Our crisis center is open 24/7 for emergencies.

Today is a quiet day.  We have a client Talent Show this afternoon and that is always entertaining.  Some of our clients will get up on stage and perform.  We have some singers and dancers and some poetry readers.  It's usually a festive time and usually held in February but the snow forced us to postpone things.  So, I'm off to admire the talent.  I keep threatening to one day bring in my baton and do a twirling routine!


amy said…
I tend to retreat when things get heated in a forum thread, but I find I am much better at being tactful there than in real life. I think it's because you can re-read before hitting the publish button. Probably people should do that more often!

We're going a bit stir crazy up here. Not just wet, but stranded. I'd love something to read, but even if the library were open (I'm not sure it is), I'm not sure we could get there.
Geek Knitter said…
The snow level around here dropped quite low the other day, although thankfully not so low that we got any on the valley floor.

Ah yes, forum drama. It's not just on Ravelry, if that helps at all!
Anonymous said…
i am glad to hear you are getting some sunshine, 'wintry mix' sounds interesting! and online forums leave me cold. people think they can get away with talking to others in ways they would never do in real life, its very disappointing. i hardly ever read the rav forums because of it. shame really. hope you have a great time at the talent show!
Roxie said…
Yes, yes! take your baton! Wear sequins! Have fun with it.

Hooray for sunshine. Winter's six weeks after groundhog day should just about be over, and you are SO due some spring!! Hope the Easter dinner is fun, even if you don't get to picnic.
Jeanne said…
I don't like when things get out of hand on Ravelry - I know its an internet/anonymous thing but still - people really do get crazy.

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend - I don't have off Friday either but I'm starting to really think that maybe I should take the day off! :-)
Rose Red said…
I try to steer clear of contentious forums on Rav - maybe read them and shake my head at the crazy, but never participate. Hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble as a mod.

And hope you have a lovely Easter!
Amy Lane said…
Hooray for sunny days! And for surviving cardio... (we're doing a rotation of exercise tapes... every morning I'm like, "Is it yoga yet?")
KnitTech said…
Winter keeps trying here, it's snowed two day in a row. But didn't stay. Remember these days in the dog days of summer.

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