I have been computer-less (or is that computer free?) since last Wednesday.  Kate went to a convention in Boston with some friends and Elanor stayed at their apartment to take care of the dog.  I let her take my computer with her so she would be able to play games and have something to do (Kate was taking her laptop with her and Patrick's isn't working). 

I figured I could go for a few days, especially since I have a computer at work and can use it all day.  Well, it seemed like a long time.  I didn't realize the number of times I reach for the laptop when I'm bored or just want to look something up.  I'm actually very dependent on the machine and I'm not quite sure how that happened.  And I 'm also not sure if I like that.  I think I want to start instituting computer free weekends and see how that goes.  There is way more to life than staring at a computer screen.

Such as beautiful handknit socks.  I finished my Go with the Flow socks made from the Patonyle that Tinkingbelle sent me at Christmastime.  And I have to say that this might be my all time favorite sock yarn.  The stitch definition is so crisp and the yarn itself is soft without being too soft.  It was a pleasure to work with.  These have been sitting by the bed and also have spent time in the gym bag for those days when I finish my workout before Pk is finished his.  Little bits of time that added up to a whole pair of socks. 

Em's birthday is Friday.  We're going to take dinner and go visit her on Saturday night.  We'll put together all the fixins for tacos and some red beans and rice and that way she won't be cooking for us when it's her birthday.  Kate's going to make a chocolate cake so all Em will have to do is sit back and enjoy.

I didn't get back to knit night.  I overdid it at the gym and felt really sick Wednesday night.  It turned into a bout of dizziness which took two days to fight off.  I have labrynthitis (a disturbance of the inner ear).  If my inner ears get inflamed (or my sinuses get inflamed and impinge on them) I get dizzy.  The room spins.  Fortunately, I have medication and it almost always works but it takes time and for a bit I feel awful.  The medication tends to make me sleepy (doesn't all medicine seem to make us sleepy?) so I've been fighting off slumber for the last few days and losing the battle.  I slept on and off all weekend.

Even at the concert last night!  It was good music.  Leo Kotke is one of the best guitar players ever.  He is so talented and so enjoyable to listen to and I wanted to close my eyes and sleep.  It didn't help that the people in front of us seemed to have inordinately large heads (ok, not really, but her head was right in my line of sight) and I had to contort my neck to see the stage.  It's an old theater and while it's architecturally beautiful and there are no really bad seats, if the people in front of you are taller than you are, you're screwed.

Easter is next week and for the first time ever, I have not bought any Easter candy.  Pk and I are working to be healthier and putting the sugary treats in our path is just torture.  I love Easter candy and so does he.  We might break down and buy some Peeps just to let them get stale.  I love them when they're stale and all chewy.  I'm cooking ham and potato salad and baked beans and cheesecake for Easter dinner.  I've only ever made cheesecake once and couldn't find the springform pan so I bought another one.  I have been craving cheesecake lately so I'm looking forward to this. 

Easter was mostly a secular holiday in our house.  There were eggs to dye and eggs to hide and Easter baskets to fill.  There were new dresses and lacy anklets and chocolate bunnies.  Pk and I will dye some eggs, just not the 3 or 4 dozen of years past.  We just don't need that many hard boiled eggs!  The funny thing is, I am not sad about this.  I won't miss buying Easter grass and finding it all over the house for days.  I will miss jelly beans so maybe I'll buy a small bag. 

The group went well at work.  I work two jobs really.  In one, I am a case manager and take care of paperwork and listening to people's troubles and help them find solutions (they usually know what they have to do, they just need help remembering).  I also work in the Social Rehabilitation program.  People with severe and persistent mental illness tend to isolate themselves and soc rehab helps bring them back into the community.  I run groups on medication and wellness; interpersonal relations and developing a wellness plan.  I like my group work best of all.  It's the most individual focused and I get to really relate to others.  I get more job satisfaction out of a well run group than a well filled out form.

Back to work tomorrow but it's a short week.  Pk's company closes for Good Friday (odd to find that a company still closes for a religious holiday) so I took the day off. 

Have a good Monday. 


Rose Red said…
I know what you mean about too much computer time - I have a laptop and wireless internet which means the computer is almost always on, sitting on the arm of the lounge right beside me. I have to force myself to turn it off, which I think is bad. I think I must institute some computer free time too.

So lots of businesses stay open on Good Friday in the US? Here, Good Friday and Christmas Day are the only two "religious" holidays which are universally observed (ie all businesses shut, except of course essential services and some others).
Roxie said…
Sorry about that inner ear thing. Really miserable when it hits.

You have such dear, loving daughters! It's a treat to see how nicely they play together. Birthday greetings!
Galad said…
We celebrated Nicole's birthday this weekend and took her Easter basket. I don't think 23 is too old for an Easter basket, do you?

Love the socks!
Anonymous said…
easter is a strange kind of holiday here, i remember having some serious feasting with my paternal grandparents but i actually think that was more like passover...and then nothing post divorce. i do love easter chocolate, the little solid eggs and the shell eggs, peeps look kind interesting too. and computers really are evil, its very scary how dependent we become on then. i am becoming a little too dependent on my android phone (like an iphone). and thats a shame about your ear, i hope that gets better. a med student friend of mine told me that all drugs that operate on the head/sinuses make you sleepy because they cross the blood/brain barrier. freaky.
Louiz said…
We lost internet access for a few days, it does have an impact!

Here in the UK we have bank holidays on the Friday and Monday so most businesses close then anyway.
Anonymous said…
so glad you love the patonyle! It really is lovely isn't it? The only reservation most of us have about it here is that they really don't do very interesting colours - some nice ones like the on you used, but on the whole, fairly plain.
Bezzie said…
I'm glad you're back--I thought my feed reader had dropped you!

I love your socks--they match the peeps! Hee hee!

My sister in Cinci and I both get the day off for Good Friday. And schools are of course closed. I think it just depends where you work.
Alwen said…
I love Leo Kotke! I got a whole stack of his CDs at an estate sale a couple of years ago.

Spring weather is what pries me away from the computer. Sunshine and green grass!
KnitTech said…
Hope you feel better soon. Not fun being dizzy.
Sheepish Annie said…
What lovely socks! I can see why that is a new favorite yarn. So pretty...

Sorry to hear about the ear issues. That's not fun at all. Several people at my school are suffering from ear problems right now. I think it has something to do with all the rain and low pressure systems. Gah!
Amy Lane said…
So sorry about the overdoing it-- and yes... I bet you DID feel naked without your computer! They're both a terrible blessing and a wonderful time suck! Birthday greetings as well--that's wonderful:-)

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