Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wanna see something cool?  This is the Evenstar shawl after clue 3.  Well, almost after.  I just completed the increase row and went from 280 stitches to 560 stitches and now I have 6 rows of plain knitting to finish before I'm finished.  I reknit clue 2 three times until I was satisfied with it and clue 3 only needed one try (thank goodness).  The green lifelines separate the clues.  I wasn't sure I was happy with the yarn I chose.  I thought it would be too thin and wouldn't show the details but it seems to be good.  I'll be ready for clue 4 on Friday and I'll wait until Saturday or Sunday to start it so I can see it finished.  Someone always finishes in the first 24 hours and posts a photo.  I'm grateful.  I like to see what it's supposed to look like.

In other knitting news, I am planning to go to knit night tomorrow after the gym.  Kate is planning to go as well.  We'll pick her up after the gym and get some dinner and then head out.  I'd like to take something interesting to knit but I think I'd better stick with the socks. 

Pk and I are going to see Leo Kotke and Los Lobos on Saturday night.  I'll take some cool yarn and start a pair of plain socks.  I figure I can get them at least cast on and the ribbing done before we go and then I can knit during the show.   

Spring is all around us here.  It's been raining again but the temps have been balmy and the daffodils are blooming.  You can't walk anywhere without sinking in the wet ground.  It's squishy.  We are already an inch and a half over the average rain for March and March isn't over yet.  I don't think we'll have to worry about drought for a while.

Work has been quiet.  Today's clinic was a tough one.  Only four women were scheduled but all four of them had been having suicidal thoughts in the last few weeks.  They calmly sit in the chair and explain how it would be just fine with them if they didn't wake up tomorrow.  Three of them have plans and all have tried in the past and didn't complete the act.  It's heartbreaking.  I sit and try not to make light of their burdens but at the same time, I want to point out the things they have to live for. (but not be patronizing)  It's a fine line. 

Pk met me at the station and we came home and I spent some time in the kitchen making chicken parm and baked ravioli.  Pk offered to get some take out but it was soothing to cook.  I was wiped out but spending time in the kitchen was restorative and I felt up to tackling the last few rows of the patterned part of the lace. 

This is what we came home to today.  My favorite
of all the spring flowers.  It's hard to believe that a month ago we were under 3 feet of snow and today we have daffodils.  Next the hyacinths and tulips and grape hyacinths will come up.  At least I hope we'll have tulips.  The squirrels love tulip bulbs and have eaten a good deal of the ones we planted.  I'm too lazy to dig them up in the summer and replant them. 

I'm off to bed.  The time change is still messing with my inner clock and I tend to fall asleep at my desk in the morning.  A little extra sleep couldn't hurt.  I have a group to lead tomorrow and it always goes better if I'm awake.  We're going to talk about mental health vs mental illness.  Could make for an interesting discussion.  How do you define mental health?  And how different would you feel if you defined yourself in terms of your mental  health instead of your mental illness?  I can't wait.


Rose Red said...

Wow! Your Evenstar looks fantastic, it is very cool to watch it grow from afar!

Your group discussion tomorrow sounds really interesting, I hope it goes well.

And I'm really glad you are going back to knit night too.

Amy Lane said...

Wow. The Evenstar is just breathtaking...and I know all about getting my socks together so they knit nicely when I'm knitting somewhere.

You're so brave. Sometimes I just turn off my internal monitor to my students--there are just too many heartbreaks there. You deal with the people who have finally had their hearts broken to the point where they need help putting them back together. That's so hard. Seriously--I'm so in awe.

Anonymous said...

oh great work Donna Lee! I'm amazed at how fast this is growing. So very impressive! Really glad too that you are happy with the yarn choice since I'm in some way a little responsible for it!

I'm sorry you have such hard stuff to deal with at work - suicide is a difficult thing to deal with, the thoughts or the reality; coming home to do some soothing cooking is a smart move.

Anonymous said...

Evenstar looks amazing! And here mine sits, untouched, on row 21 of the first clue... *sigh* You inspire me.

And wow, I really admire people who have to deal with those who feel suicidal. Depression is bad enough... Your strength to do so is amazing.

The discussion sounds like it could be very interesting! I too hope it goes well, and that things lighten up for you a bit at work. :)

Saren Johnson said...

Evenstar looks pretty nice, the pale green is a reminder of spring. Not to mention the flowers.

amy said...

We've gotten something like 7 inches of rain in the past week or so. Squishy doesn't even begin to describe it!

(There was more, but toddler interruptus!!)

Unknown said...

oh, the shawl is stunning! Oooo!

Sorry work has been so rough. At least, you know that your clients all know someone who's mental health is shakier than their own. Defining yourself in terms of your mental health - Great idea.

I wish I could give each of your four depressed women a puppy to take care of.

Alwen said...

Your Evenstar is beautiful. If it looks this great unblocked, it's going to be stunning when finished!

Anonymous said...

the shawl is looking terrific, a great way to be a part of something too. your flowers are lovely, and hope they help brighten up your day. it is hard to imagine not having something to live for unless youve been in that space, i hope they all find a way out and im sure you help them.

Olivia said...

I am excited to see what your shawl looks like finished. It is looking lovely so far. I'd like to get into counselling work of some kind, one day. It has always been in the back of my mind. I know you're not officially a counsellor, but it seems to be a 0part of your role. I hope the times you feel you have helped someone out of a bad place outweigh the sad stories.

Jeanne said...

Evenstar is beautiful - thanks for sharing your progress!

How was knit night? Did you like it better the second time?

The group discussion sounds interesting - I hope that the four women find something that makes them change their viewpoint.

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