I have wanted to make small changes in the look of my blog for a bit but am not that computer savy.  I found all kinds of templates that I liked but somehow they wouldn't stick when I tried to move them over.  I am a creature of habit.  I don't move my furniture around (except to clean behind it) and I don't change my earrings every day.  I found 3 pairs that I like and I wear them all the time.  I don't want to have to mess with the blog settings too often.

I just don't want to be bothered with all those decisions.  I also like simple.  So, for now, I'll live in this pink world and see how it fits.  I can always ditch it if I can't stand it.

eta:  I hated the pink.  The text space was so limited that it messed up the arrangement of the photos so I moved back into this arrangement. 

I finished Pk's fire socks last night.  He offered to try them on for a modeled shot even though the temps hadn't dropped by that point. He loves them.  They're the Diagonal Cross Rib socks by Anne Budd in 25 Favorite Socks. (and btw, that book has certainly been worth the money).  The yarn was the December artwalk club from a painting by Theo Den Boon.  Pk loves them and I must say I am quite smitten as well.  The pattern was easily memorized and easy to do.  Pk asked if the feet could be plain and so I stopped the ribbing at the ankle and made stockinette feet.  Men's socks take a long time. 
On Friday when I got home from work, my June installment of yarn was in the box.  It's a beautiful superwash merino/cashmere/nylon blend in green.  This green looks like all the colors of a pine tree and it's so soft and lucious. (inspired by a painting by Andy Warhol called The Green Cat) I felt an almost visceral urge to knit something with it at once.  I was determined to finish Pk's socks and I did that first while I watched some chick flicks on Sunday afternoon (it was too hot and muggy to do much else).  So, I immediately looked on the computer for the pattern that came to mind as I fondled this yarn. 

I chose Legolas from Sunflower Designs.  It was a free pattern given to those people who signed up for Susan's LOTR patterns.  It's a small kerchief/scarf and so far is an easy knit.  I finished chart one last night and will work on chart two tonight.  It only takes about half this skein of yarn so I may try to make it larger and use up more of the yarn.    I also have the Travelling Woman shawl otn and the one using my pink/yellow/orange handspun and two pairs of socks.  It's almost overwhelming.  I'm not used to having more than one and maybe two projects on the go at the same time.  I'm not sure what came over me. I only know when I saw and felt this green yarn, I had to knit with it NOW.
Has that ever happened to you?

We are in heaven today.  Last night we were predicted to get storms (Lightning! Thunder! Hail! Tornados! Winds!  AHHHHH!) but nothing.  Nada.  Not a drop of rain (not that I'm complaining).  The good thing that happened is that the storm system moved through and behind it was more seasonable weather.  Today was a perfect late spring day.  Clear and sunny and dry and cooler.  It was a gift after the last 10 days of ugh.  I think tomorrow will be nice and then we're forcasted to get some rain later in the week.  Rain is not so bad but that heavy air and heat was a bit much.

I have to choose a gift from the catalog that came in the mail today.  I have been in my job for 15 years and every 5 you get a dinner and a gift.  I'm going for the ladies' stainless steel watch.  I have a metal allergy and stainless steel is one of the few metals I can wear without a rash (or gold but they're not likely to give me a gold watch). 

So, that's all the news from our neck of the woods.  How are you?


Rose Red said…
That Legolas shawl is gorgeous, and simply must be done in green yarn - perfect! Now I want to watch LOTR again
Bezzie said…
That's dedication by Pk to try them on even if it was still hotter than heck outside! LOL!

That green is gorgeous. I can see why you had to cast on asap!
Bells said…
the colour of those socks! PK is a bit like Sean - happy to be a bit adventurous in sock colours! I love them.

After evenstar, I'm sure this new pattern will seem like a walk in the park!
Roxie said…
Those are handsome socks on manly legs. Bravo on both counts!!

I know the "Knit me now," siren call of new yarn. Thos yarn clubs do it to me over and over.

Traveling Woman probably ought to go into mothballs till cooler weather. so a shawlette makes excellent sense. You were right to start that gorgeous pattern with that glorious yarn!
Geek Knitter said…
Yes, I must admit that sometimes the yarn just flings itself at the needles. What's a knitter to do?
Alwen said…
I have had patterns leap into my hands calling "Knit me now!" most recently Ruth. I just had to knit it up and see if it would really look like the photo.
Jeanne said…
The new shawl is beautiful - I would have started something with that yarn too - so pretty!
Galad said…
Beautiful yarn! I can see why you wanted to start something with it right away.

Glad to know I'm not the only one that doesn't move my furniture around. I never know where else to put it anyway :-)
Amy Lane said…
The socks are AWESOME-- I love that color (but you know that!) and I love that you're knitting a shawl based on a LOTR character.


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