What do you do when the weather is unseasonably warm and you are not used to it yet?  If you have not installed the a/c in your bedroom yet? 

If you're us, you go to the river where there is always a breeze and it always feels cooler. 

Pk and I got up and lazed around a bit.  I had a wicked headache but after a shower and some breakfast, it seemed to abate.  We went to the post office where I mailed some sock yarn to Louiz for her blanket and a bit of yarn left over from my Feb sock yarn club to someone who needs just a little bit more to finish a project.  Then we hit the diner for breakfast and the grocery store for food.

We came out of the grocery store (which is overly cool and I actually put on a sweatshirt) into the hazy heat of a very hot day.  Usually early June is not too bad.  Nice balmy days and cool nights.  This past week has been a trial.  We got the groceries home and put away the cold stuff and decided to pack the cooler with ice and some of my very favorite soda, Stewart's Orange Creme (it is soooo good), some black cherry and some root beer and we picked up some sandwiches at the deli and went to the river.

This is the Delaware River.  It is between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  In this photo we are standing in NJ and looking at PA.  Actually, you are looking at the Philadelphia International Airport.  That tiny little thing in the distance is the control tower.  If we zoom in, you can see the tower and the red and white checked fuel storage units for the airport.  One of the best things is watching the planes coming in and guessing where they're coming from.  It's a busy airport and there are a lot of UPS and FedEx planes coming in.  Yarn deliveries, perhaps? 

There was a Greek container ship coming in to be unloaded.  It will eventually end up here.  Philadelphia is a busy port.  I tend to forget that sometimes. 

 There is a bit of a beach here but not much and it's posted as a danger site.  The soil is soft and the water is deep.  Does that stop people from wading there or looking for driftwood?  Of course not.  We never go down onto the beach.    I can remember when the Delaware River was so dirty that no one would go near it.    Today, it is clean enough for people to boat and ride ski-dos in it.  I still have the image of the dirty river in my mind and I'm not sticking my precious tootsies in it.    I do like the smell of the river, though.  It's deep and mysterious smelling.  Today there was a strong propane smell on the air. We weren't sure where it was coming from and it was disconcerting.

It can be rather windy here.  Can you tell?   Look at these trees.  Can you tell which direction the wind usually blows?  Several of the trees in this part of the park look like they've got a disease.  There are few leaves.  This means less shade.  That could be a problem.  We have our favorite spot to sit in and there are several old people who sit in the other really shady spot.  We might have to fight the old people for their spot and that could seriously mess up our karma. 

If we ever win the lottery, I want to have a house that is within walking distance of here.  Then I would walk down here and watch the sun go down every clear night.  Tonight it was too cloudy.  And by the time it got to be sunset, the gnats were coming out in force. I hate gnats.  And mosquitos.   One of the nice things about the wind is that it keeps down the mosquito population. 

I have laundry to do tomorrow and Pk has some work outdoors.  I'm sitting here feeling windblown and in need of a shower.  The fans are whirring and it's comfortable if you're not moving around, or if you don't have a laptop sitting on your lap.  So, I'm going to put the computer away and go wash the heat of the day off my skin.  I'm going to knit on Pk's fire socks and watch The Women (the new one).  I watched the original one on Thursday night and once again loved it. 

Have a peaceful Sunday.

eta:  I forgot to mention that Charlotte, (my brother's mil) is actually doing better.  It's kind of a medical miracle.  Just goes to show you medical science doesn't know everything.  She is off the ventilator and while she is not in great health, she is not quite at death's door right now.  She's sitting up and working crossword puzzles.  How cool is that?  It feels like we dodged a bullet with that one.


amy said…
It's so sticky! That's the thing. Heavy duty thunderstorms moved through this morning and when the sun came out, it was nothing but mug. But I'm so glad the sun came out, because we went ponding. :)

I also need a shower, but the girl is asleep in the room next to the bathroom, and it's not worth risking waking her up. So I shall remain muggy myself...
Kaye said…
Bless the widow who lived here before us for leaving her $400 A/C. This is insane. And I keep seeing fireflies. Summer has come too early!
Maybe this means we'll have an early winter? A girl can hope!
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a really nice day - I hope that today is a little cooler for you!
Louiz said…
I shall look forward to the postman.

What good news at the end of your post:) Things like that never fail to give me a happy smile.
drkknits said…
great photos of where you live! i hope you dont have to fight the old people just yet, and that sunday was a bit cooler. and great news on the MIL.
Dianne said…
Is that Red Bank Battlefield? Love it there. I headed to the water, too, but a little bit south of that. I went to Fortescue on the Delaware Bay and collected sea glass.
Alwen said…
We've had so much humidity, and then the night we spent in Chicago, the low was 46!

Today it's barely 70, but it's still so humid, I'm dithering over whether it will be worth it to hang up clean laundry.
Amy Lane said…
Wow-- I love the pictures of the wind trees and the ocean-- and you're SO hearty going w/out A/C-- I've been back east in the summer--that's so hard to do!

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