We are in the middle of another heat wave.  It's 90 degrees today and is forecasted to be hotter tomorrow and Thursday.  It's a bit warm for June but it is summer now and I guess we can't complain.  I'll  probably complain when I see the electric bill after running the a/c so we can sleep at night. 

I'm sitting here trying to get used to new glasses.  Pk and I went to the eye doctors and I got new glasses this year.  My vision plan allows for new glasses every year (which I understand is generous) but I usually average a new pair every two years.  It seems wasteful to me to get new ones if I haven't worn out the old ones yet.  The past few years I've gotten the same style, small oval with tortoiseshell rims and thin arms. 

This year I got a new style.  Through the magic of the internet, I found them online. (I looked at the arms and found the name and model number) These are my new frames.  They're more modern than what I usually wear and I have to keep looking at myself.  I like them.  I had forgotten what they looked like since I ordered them a month ago.  Since we ordered two pairs of glasses under the same last name, the lab got confused and filled one and lost the other.  When I called after 2 and a half weeks to inquire where my glasses were, the doctor's office was very apologetic and re-ordered them.  They came in last night and I picked them up tonight.  They fit very differently and the prescription is just a bit different so I have to adjust to them. 

(I've been trying to take a self portrait but with no success.)  One day soon, I'll get a photo of myself and I'll show you.

I have a question for you.  What do you do if someone "friends" you (on any of the social networks) and you don't recognize the screen name?  Do you automatically "friend" them back?  I ask because for the second time, someone has 'friended' me on ravelry and I don't know her/him.  I don't recognize the ravatar.  I am not a person who glories in having hundreds of friends.  The few people I have friended are people I follow or who I feel familiar enough with to friend.   Is it rude not to friend someone when they have friended you?  (and how weird is the word friended?)  These are new etiquette questions and maybe we need a Dear Abby for the internet.

It's after 8 and now time for a small bit of knitting before I fall asleep.  I have to go figure out what to wear tomorrow that will be cool enough for the world on the way to work and warm enough for all day in the heavily air conditioned building.  Thank goodness for layering! 

And I have to chop some veggies for the crockpot so I can have dinner waiting after a date at the gym.  Thank goodness for the crockpot! 

And thank goodness for all of you!


Rose Red said…
oh we are in the middle of a rainwave (or whatever you call a week of rain!). Kind of wish we could swap!

I like the look of your new glasses!

If someone I don't know friends me on Rav, I usually friend them back- not because I want lots of friends, but I figure they must have friended me because they like my projects, and so I'll probably like theirs too (I love looking at my friends activity tab!)
Kate said…
On facebook, if I don't recognize the name I usually don't friend them. On Ravelry, though, since I'm more likely to get along with the people who might friend me, I'm more lenient with my paranoid delusions that people are stalking me online.
amy said…
Oh that IS generous! We don't have any coverage for eyeglasses, and the eye exams go to the deductible--they're not covered unless we've hit it already (and we usually don't, it's so high). My prescription does change slightly every year, but not always enough to get new glasses. I did get new ones after the girl was born, though, because the pair I had broke too easily. Babies are grabby. But my sunglasses prescription is old enough that it's giving me headaches, so I have to get those updated--same frames, new lenses. Macular degeneration runs in the family so I want to make sure to wear sunglasses, especially during the summer.

I friend people back on Ravelry, usually. I don't know who half those people are, though. ;)
TinkingBell said…
I am envying your heat wave - my toes are cold and I am debating getting off my bottom and rounding up my ugg boots.

I often send a message asking why they want to friend me - I usually get a reply, but I certainly don't friend them automatically - often it is someone who likes your project or queue - or enjoys your posts. - Always worth asking though!
drkknits said…
those glasses are so cute! i bet you make quite an impression at work! on the friends thing, on rav and FB i absolutely dont friend anyone i dont know. twitters a bit different because i follow famous people and news etc, but i dont interact with then. i have got rid of a few people lately on rav etc that i friended initially but i dont interact with much. electronic friends are ok tho. speaking of which, are we rav friends??? no we are not, i just sent you a request. hehe.
Bezzie said…
Did I friend you on Rav? I'm Kayebugs there--lol! Not Bezzie! Or maybe we're already friends?? I don't know! Ha ha!

But no, I won't friend someone if I don't recognize them.

Stay cool. 93 today and 95 tomorrow. I yearn for mid 60s and rain like home!
KnitTech said…
I usually friend them. Isn't that the point of social networks? To meet new people.
Kelli Simone said…
I definitely don't accept all friend requests regardless of the social networking sites. Like you I don't "need" a lot of friends.

On ravelry, I go and look at their projects see if we have any groups etc in common and then go from there. I've had folks friend me because they ready my blog ~ksp
Louiz said…
We're in the middle of a heat wave too. Tooo hot to knit:(

I like your new glasses, they look very sleek and smart.

on social sites, if I don't know the person, if it's facebook I decline. If it's ravelry, I send them a message saying, essentially, thank you and how do I know you.
DPUTiger said…
With Ravelry, I'd totally ignore it. In fact, I do totally ignore Ravelry friend messages from people I don't actually know. No biggie.

We just had big storms come through our area. We'll see if it cools things off at all. Here's hoping!
Dianne said…
I like your new glasses! I've been putting off a trip to the eye doctor--I just know she will tell me it's time for reading glasses...

I usually friend someone who friends me. I don't want to appear...unfriendly. LOL Get it...un-FRIEND-ly. I really need to get a life...


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