Happy Father's Day (to all the Dads and the Moms who have to be both). 

We took Pk to Atsion Lake today.  We made the turn off from Rt. 206 into the park to be confronted by a line of cars and a Ranger in a golf cart counting cars.  We had some nervous moments as we approached the little building where you pay to get in.  We have been turned away before because when the park gets to "capacity" they close it.  We hadn't planned on it being too crowded, we usually get turned away on holiday weekends like July 4th or Labor Day.  It's five dollars a carload during the week and ten on the weekends.  Not a bad deal.  Today we were early enough to get a spot and we unloaded and took our cooler on wheels into the park and onto the beach.

There was one swimming section up and manned when we got there and after about an hour, they opened another one.  There were some fine examples of young man and womanhood working as lifeguards. 

It was a hot day sitting on the beach.  We have chairs and three umbrellas so that there's plenty of shade.  There's my favorite Dad sitting under an umbrella listening to a book on his iphone.  Kate and El were reading and I'll bet you can guess what I was doing.  Besides watching all the little kids playing in the sand, I was knitting on the striped sock and listening to a book. 

The sandwiches were delicious, the soda was cold and the chips were salty.  It was a perfect lunch and a perfectly nice day.  The weather people said a chance of thunderstorms (my grass is brown and crunchy at this point from lack of rain, despite all the predictions of storms) but look at this sky.  Does that look threatening to you?  No, I didn't think so either.  It was cloudy this morning but they burned off early in the day.  By the time we left the house at 9:45, the sky was clear and the sun was high.  We got to the lake by 10:35 and stayed until about 3.  Kate had to be at work at 5 and needed time to shower and get ready.

Now, I have to go make some shortcake to have with the strawberries and cream I bought yesterday and make some kabobs to go on the grill.  There's corn on the cob and salad.  Pk wanted lamb kabobs but lamb isn't easily available here except as a large leg o' lamb and tiny little chops.  I promised to cook him a leg o' lamb in a few weeks (although I think that it's a cool weather dish).

Happy Sunday! 


bellsknits.com said…
what a gorgeous weekend! How lovely!

We buy lamb legs and dice them up sometimes - it's cheaper than buying it already diced because you're doing it yourself. And I save the bones in the freezer for stock!
Alwen said…
I would be happy to send you some of our rain. We have had so much at one point the drainage ditch overflowed onto the road. It didn't even do that the winter before last when we had rain on top of four feet of snow!

The mosquitoes love it.
Louiz said…
What a lovely way to spend Father's Day! Sounds like a good time was had by all.
Bezzie said…

Funny you should mention lamb--I went to the store to buy my "father's day grilling meat" and was shocked by how many different cuts of lamb they had. Everytime we have looked for it in the past we have your problem.
KnitTech said…
Looks like a fun day. We had a thunder storm roll through, blue sky then an hour later, it was doing it all again. Weather is so funny.
Roxie said…
What a marvelous day! That man KNOWS how to celebrate.
Dianne said…
Sounds like a wonderful day! We used to rent a cabin at Atsion--it is soooo beautiful there!
Sheepish Annie said…
That sounds like a perfect way to spend Father's Day!

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