We have been blessed with absolutely perfect summer days.  Yesterday, Pk took our car to the shop and 6 hours and 310.00 later, I walked the mile to the shop and picked it up.  And now we once again have high beams.  Whooppee.

Pk was working from home and so he had to stay by the computer most of the day.  I repeatedly fell asleep on the sofa and did some knitting.  I had to rip out the Legolas kerchief.  I couldn't keep the stitch numbers correct.  I kept tinking and I was afraid of making the yarn too fuzzy.  I finally ripped it out and found a one skein scarf/wrap that is a lacy leaf pattern and will show off the yarn and its colors perfectly.

We went out to dinner and then to the bookstore.  We got home at twilight and the temp was delightfully perfect.  We decided to sit outside while the sun went down.  I made some coffee and Pk had a beer and we sat and watched the lights come on up and down our street.  I tried several different settings on the camera but this is the darkest I could achieve.  It was darker than this but the camera amplifies the ambient light.  The sky was a clear blue and the air was soft.  We sat out there until the mosquitos became unbearable.  If you look at the photo between the telephone pole and the fence, you can see a firefly.  They are plentiful this year and early.  I love them.

Today, we took the car back to the inspection place and got a new sticker.  The young man stood in front of my car and said " show me the headlights.  now the high beams"  And that was that.  I asked him when the last time he had used his high beams and he said he didn't think he ever had.  Huh.

After the grocery shopping was finished, I did the laundry and Pk watched another soccer game.  I made some progress with the striped sock.  It's a summer yarn with a good percentage of cotton in the yarn.  The colors are pink/burgundy/grey and seem to be random.  I did a short row heel which I like with striped socks.  I think I'll keep this pair for me but it's time to start the Christmas socks marathon.  If I start now, there's no pressure and everyone gets a nice new pair of handknit socks.  (right after I took the photo, I lost the 5th needle.  I looked everywhere but couldn't find it.  I have another set of 2.5 needles so I can continue.  I just hope I find it before someone sits on it!)

Tomorrow we'll be at the lake.  Good thing, since the temp is supposed to be 92 (33.3 C).  I made some shrimp salad and we have croissants to eat it on.  There were some really nice nectarines at the grocery store so I bought some of them and will  put them in the cooler.  Nothing more refreshing than ice cold fruit. 

I hope you're all having a good weekend.


Alwen said…
We are having a wet early summer and the fireflies LOVE that. There are so many that when I turn up the highway ramp and my headlights sweep the grass they just glitter.

I use my highbeams all the time coming home. It's better to see the deer in advance!
amy said…
Your weekends always sound so lovely. We have the fireflies too, and I also love them. I saw them last night when I got up at 3 am to try and see what was making the really strange noise outside, but the moon was hidden and I couldn't see anything. It was so loud it woke me up and I sat right up in bed, so startled. There was lots of underbrush rustling, too. It's a mystery.
Anonymous said…
what a lovely relaxing summer weekend. it is gloriously sunny here too and probably close to 20degrees celsius, and we are in winter. how weird is that? hope your shrimp goes down a treat, and that sock yarn is scrummy!
Galad said…
What a lovely weekend! Have a wonderful day at the lake.
Bezzie said…
The fireflies have been here since May. Too early in my book! But Chunky is enjoying capturing them in jars.

Have fun staying cool today!
Jeanne said…
I love reading about your weekends - they sounds so happy and relaxing (except for the $310 part of course!).

I really should start my Christmas sock knitting too - it would be a good idea to get it out of the way.

Enjoy your Sunday!
DPUTiger said…
I love fireflies. And I use my high beams all the time, especially in my neighborhood and at the Lake. Friday was a perfect warm-weather day here, then it was right back to the holy crap hot! weather. Hope you had a great time at the Lake!

Are you aware of Summer of Socks? Totally low-key, just a bunch of sock knitters hanging out together over on Ravelry from Tuesday until Labor Day. Come join us!
Roxie said…
Love the colors in those socks! Very subtle and understated. Sounds like a glorious early summer. I'll enjoy yours vicariously. We still have rain and highs in the low 60s. We're calling it Juneuary.

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