A week has gone by and it feels like nothing has gotten accomplished.  Pk and I took yesterday off in our quest to squeeze as much summer out of the remaining days as we could  but our plans for a picnic were thwarted by thunderstorms.

No complaints, we needed the rain.  He chopped wood and I did some spinning.  I plied some lovely wine colored corriedale and started some new bobbins of singles.  I also knit some on his Lighthouse socks.  They are coming out well but I think they're a little small.  The needle size says 2.5 and I went up a size to 2.75 and they still seem too small to me but he likes them.

I had to do the opposite on the knitpicks sock pattern I'm making for me.  The needle size called for is 2.75 and they were looking so big.  I think toe up socks always look big but these were huge so (after living in denial for an entire pattern repeat) I finally ripped them out and started over with 2.25's and they look so much better.  It's cool today so maybe I'll pull out the alpaca sweater and work some rows on that. 

Work today has been really busy.  I was only off for a day but there were 17 messages on the machine and it took most of the morning to deal with them and the catching up with the clinics from yesterday. Lots of little bits and pieces to put together.  I wrote three treatment plans in preparation for today's clinic and now I'm getting ready to eat lunch. 

My gym attendance has been abyssmal all summer.  I'm ashamed to say this and I am determined to get back into the routine.  We're supposed to go today and Thursday this week and then get back into our M,W,F routine next week.  Fortunately, I've got some good books downloaded so I'm ready. 

We'll have one last long weekend over Labor Day (Sept. 6th here in the US).  I took the Friday off and Monday is a holiday so one more 4 day weekend before Fall comes and we get industrious again.  I don't know what it is about Fall that makes me want to get down to business and accomplish things. 

Gotta go and eat my lunch before I run out of time here.  Have a good one!


Bezzie said…
I like to say that summer we're out and about more anyway and that counts as "real" exercise.

I'm enjoying this "unseasonably" cool spell!
KnitTech said…
It's hard to go to the gym in the summer, it way to nice to be locked away inside.

Hope you get over the sneezes soon.
Roxie said…
It's August. What's all this crazy talk about "accomplishing something?" Seize the day and do as little as possible. This is the season for slacking off and doing damn-all. Have hard-boiled eggs for dinner and loll in the hammock with a book.
Anonymous said…
yeah gyms in summer are horrible places. funny about the sock thing, i think 2.75 is almost always too big except for koigu, then its just right. how weird is that!
Alwen said…
I am right at that border with sock-making, too. I finally gave in and bought the in-between sizes (2.5 and 3.0mm) because I was tired of being a smidge too big or too little.

Our summer has been very very rainy. The grass and the hayfields grow like crazy, but it's almost too lush and wet to mow and the hay keeps getting spoiled by more rain. We finally had one dry week! And I got to mow grass that didn't instantly clog the chute.
Galad said…
I'm the same way about Fall. Unfortunately by the time it gets cool here we are already at Thanksgiving.

Here's to productivity :-)

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