Peter Kevin and I are nothing if not spontaneous.  Example?  Saturday morning we are sitting in the car in the driveway ostensibly on our way to the farmers' market and the grocery store.  It was a glorious day and I said (in an offhanded manner), "It's a lovely day for a ride to Lancaster.".  His reply, "let's go".

Now, Lancaster is about 100 miles away and not somewhere we just up and go to but this Saturday seemed like too nice a day to spend doing mundane chores like grocery shopping or laundry.  I woke Elanor up and called Kate and after a quick breakfast on the road, we were off.  There are no photos because I was doing the driving.  Kate tried to take a few out the moving car window but they were blurry.  So, envision rolling green fields dotted with black and white cows and neat white farm buildings.

We went to our favorite farmers' market in Bird-in-Hand and got organic oatmeal and blackberry lemonade and cherry apple cider and sticky buns with pecans and some dried fruits.  By the way, Bird-in-Hand is right next to Gap and Intercourse, all proper Pennsylvania town names.  (You can imagine the t-shirts available)

Next stop was Clyde Weaver's market.  This is where they make the best bacon on the planet so we got some of that and some really good Dutch cheese called Valasska (rich and creamy like cheddar mixed with gouda) and some tea.  We had lunch (a pannini with ham and brie and apricot jam) and had a tough decision to make.  Backtrack to Labadie Looms for beautiful roving and yarn or head home so Kate could get to work on time?  Work won out (Kate likes having a job) and we headed home.  We got her home in time to change and go to work.  We followed her to Pizza Hut an hour later and had pizza with my brother and his kids.  Then we crashed. 

Sunday morning we had some of the delicious bacon and toast made from handmade bread and some sticky buns and I started the laundry and went off to the grocery store.  We were invited to spend the afternoon at the pool with my brother and his family.  Since it was a hot sunny day, we decided to go.  Best part?  All I had to do was put on my bathing suit and grab a towel.  They had all the food and drinks already prepared.  We swam with the kids and ate barbecued chicken and just relaxed.  The pool is a swim club with  paid memberships.  We were kicking around the idea of joining and this cinched it for us.  It's a nice place and on a hot summer Sunday, wasn't too crowded.  It's less than a mile from home and an easy bike ride.  They have grills and tables and umbrellas.  It was clean and the staff seemed friendly.  Other best part?  Someone else keeps the pool clean!

The mornings are dark now when the alarm goes off.  It's harder to get out of bed.  The angle of the sun seems to change so quickly when it's on the downturn.  Labor Day will be our last long summer weekend.  It's been a good summer.  On the calendar, it isn't Fall for more than 3 more weeks but mentally, Fall starts right after Labor Day.  (comic is Non Sequitur by Wiley, one of my favorites and seemed too perfect for today)

I have a busy day of clinics.  Both the morning and the afternoon are booked solid. Not much time to play around.  Gotta check the messages and pick up the charts and hit the ground running.  I feel like Carol Burnette, "I'm so glad we had this time together.....".

Happy Monday.


Roxie said…
HoooRay for you! A spontaneous trip to Bird-in-Hand! The shopping sounds grand, and the company sounds divine! what a splendid weekend. I love it when you share your ordinary treats and daily pleasures.
Rose Red said…
What a lovely weekend! Spontaneous road trips are the best, yours sounds great with all that lovely food mixed in.
KnitTech said…
Fun trip! Our gym has a pool, which is the real reason why I joined.
Anonymous said…
I'm a big fan of ditching chores to take a good drive. It sounds like you all had a great weekend!
Sound like you 2 had a great day.
here's hoping Earls deosn't ruin allof our weekends.
Anonymous said…
that sounds like just the best weekend! all that yummy food, and swanning around in the pool, nice work!
Galad said…
What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Bells said…
that para all about the food you got in Lancaster just melted me. How wonderful!

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