It had to happen. Here it is, the end of our holiday weekend.  What a glorious day it was!  Look at that sky!   It goes on forever even if the weekend dosen't.

We spent a quiet weekend at home.  Pk and I were planning to have a Star Wars marathon but we lent out our boxed set of the last three (#4,#5,#6) movies.  Not to be deterred, we went to Best Buy to get 4 and 5 (because I picked up 6 at a used cd table) and get ready to sit back and enjoy a large bowl of popcorn and some space opera fun.

Imagine our surprise when we got ready to watch 4 on Saturday and discovered that we didn't buy 4 and 5, we bought 5 and 6.  So now we have 1,2,3,5,6,6.  Not terribly helpful since we really wanted to start with 4.  Fortunately, Best Buy will allow us to return our extra 6 and get a 4.  The marathon is postponed.

(In the meantime, I am caught up in watching Torchwood.  What a strange series but oddly compelling.  Pk is a few episodes ahead of me so we're not watching it together but we are both enjoying it)

I finished the Lighthouse Gansey Socks.  If you look at the front of the socks, you can see the lens of the lighthouse in the pattern.  Pk loves them so I call it a win. 

I am less in love with the red sweater.  I got gauge but I don't like the fabric.  It's too tight.  I'm trying to see if the gauge swatch loosened up any when I washed it but I don't think so.  I may rip it out and start on a larger size needles.  I put it away for a bit and I'll reassess it in a few days. 

I spent a good bit of time yesterday cooking for today.  I made potato salad and whoopie pies.  I was going for chocolate cake when Kate said she really wanted whoopie pies.  I haven't made them in ages so I decided to surprise her. They're like round devil dogs.  Chocolate cake filled with frosting.  I think they're a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe (at least that's where I saw them first) and a family favorite.  (photo from   They're not difficult but a little time consuming.  I made a triple batch and there are only a few left.  There are only a few chicken legs left but enough potato salad for dinner tomorrow with some ham. 

We gathered at the river and were relaxing and eating and talking.  Someone was playing a bagpipe (not too badly) and that was cool.  The river was lower than I've seen it in a while.  The Delaware is a tidal river and and the tide must have been way out.  You can see the pier there.  It's usually only a few feet above the level of the water at high tide.  There were seagulls walking down the beach and more boats out on the water than usual. Must have been the lovely day.

We sat and talked until the sun was going down and the Ranger was making her rounds reminding us that the park closes at dusk. 

Em was talking about her fund raising efforts and I offered her my Evenstar shawl to auction off on ebay to raise a little money.  I don't have any illusions about it raising a lot of money but every dollar helps. ( I hope it raises a little but I've heard enough stories about how disappointing this can be.)  Maybe some rabid LOTR fans out there will be interested.  Em is working hard but money is tight right now for a lot of people.

Time to find some mindless knitting and sit and watch some mindless show and get ready for bed.  As Em put it, "it's a school night".  Neither of us is in school but the feeling of needing to get to bed early enough to get sleep is deeply engrained.  And that alarm is going to ring very early.

'Night all.


Kaye said…
It was a great day! Love your whoopie pies. Don't know if your western readers will know what Devil Dogs are though. I grew up knowing them as Suzie Qs. I want to make Whoopie Pies!
Amy Lane said…
Beautiful day! And I ended up with a couple season ones of a tv series for pretty much the same reason. And if the Evenstar doesn't make Em a bundle, then the world is full of people who don't know something lovely and well made...
Louiz said…
how big are those whoopie pies? they look enormous in the photograph!
Rose Red said…
I have only recently heard of whoopie pies - we don't have them in Australia (or devil dogs for that matter!!). They look huge in that photo!!
Roxie said…
"The sky goes on forever, even though the weekend doesn't." Oh, that's poetry! That puts me right in the bittersweet moment. Yes! Good job.

I've gotta look up Whoopie Pies. My beloved husband just might like them. Is there marshmallow creme in the frosting?

I'm ashamed of myself for being such a slacker about the fund-raiser. Tell me again where to mail the check?
KnitTech said…
Love Torchwood! Season 3 is very dark.
amy said…
I just don't understand the parents who think summer is harder than the school year. I have one kid crying over his homework, each boy has missed the bus once so far (today was the fourth day of school), I have a sinkful of lunch containers to wash every day (and then fill up again). Give me summer any day. Or even another long weekend...!! Glad you made the most of yours!
Anonymous said…
such a shame that weekends need to end. especially long ones. sounds like you had a good one. i loooove torchwood. captain jack is totally hot! and i think you might be surprised by the interest in your beautiful shawl!

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