Friday, I spent the day in comfortable sweat clothes and slippers and I spent the day working on the sweater.  I finally got to the right length and split for the front and back.  I am now winging (I wish) along on the front.  Actually, I'm slogging along at my usual slow pace.

I got tired of looking at the grey, as lovely as it is and started a pair of colorful socks in the yarn Kate and Patrick gave me for my birthday.  It's mini moochi and very soft.  It's a single and very loosely spun in places but strong enough that it won't pull apart.  Just a plain 2x2 ribbing.  This one is for me since it was gift yarn.

Saturday we travelled to Em's house to visit and have Thanksgiving part deux.  She served a similar menu to what we had on Thursday and it was wonderful.  Jim's parents and his sister and Kate and Patrick and Pk and I all shared Em's cooking.  She did a good job and it was very proud making for me to watch her put out a meal and host a dinner party and do it all without breaking a major sweat.  We saw 8 police patrol cars on the way home ( a distance of 60 miles).  The police force was out in numbers to monitor the traffic on the holiday weekend.

Today, Pk and I pulled out the containers of Christmas lights and decorations.  It's cold and sunny and we spent an enjoyable afternoon listening to holiday music and filling the house with holiday magic.  We moved the furniture to make room for the tree we'll buy next weekend.  Hobbes won't be happy since he likes to sit on the back of the couch and watch out the window and now he won't be able to since we moved the couch.

Some old friends came out to share the holidays.  This is a candle that is older than I am.  My Uncle Al was a crafter and he used to make candles and sell them.  This is one of the last ones he made. My mother gave it to me several years ago and it's always one of my favorites. 
And our
Christmas book.  It's the book we started writing the first year we were married.  It's funny to read the trials and tribulations and joys of our lives over the past 29 years.  We read parts of it out loud to each other and remembered things that would have otherwise been forgotten.  Like the year we had Bob the Boomerang tree.  It had a bend in the trunk that evidently we didn't see until we got home.  And the year we had Claudia, our exchange student from Brazil.  These are small bits and pieces of our lives that we wrote down and now can bring a fond smile or a great big laugh.

I went into the yard and cut some holly and some mint and tied them up into bundles to put on the bedroom doors.  If you rub the mint as you walk by, it smells like a little piece of heaven.  We don't have enough good pine branches out there now.  Our trees are dying.  There are three huge pines that have very few needles left and will probably have to come down sooner rather than later.  It breaks my heart to think about it.

And now we're winding down and gettng ready to fix Sunday dinner (red beans and rice) and then getting ready to pull ourselves together to go back to work.  It was a wonderful long weekend. 
I hope you're all having a good weekend too.


bells said…
i love that candle! So funny and cute.

The book is a treaure. I love when you talk about getting it out and reading all the old half forgotten memories.

Happy thanksgiving!
Amy Lane said…
I love mini-moschi as a sock yarn... it's lovely, and it works up to be sturdier than you expect from a single--and so very soft.

And I've always loved your Christmas book tradition. We have thirteen years of Christmas letters to look at--those are fun to read too!
Rose Red said…
I love your Christmas book. I think we might start one this year.
Kaye said…
I love the candle!
I have a snowman candle my school librarian gave me when I was maybe a year or two older than Chunky is.
KnitTech said…
What a lovely sounding weekend.
Anonymous said…
such a lovely description of your weekend. i hope the preparations for xmas continue making happy memories.
Galad said…
Reading blog just helped me get in the holiday spirit :-) Time to get my tree up and get out the decorations!

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