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The last dish is washed and put away and the food is tucked safely into containers into the fridge for another meal (and the freezer for still other meals).  Everything is put back together and everyone has gone home. 

Now we can rest.  Not that it was a stressful day here because it was a wonderful day.  Here, I'll describe the day to you.

First, on Wednesday after work, I had a bit of a headache so I lay on the bed intending to just rest for a short bit.  I fell into a deep sleep for an hour.  I woke up a little groggy but better and made two pans of cornbread and three pies.  One apple and two pumpkin.  The apple pie smelled so good that I wanted to eat it last night. 

I woke early this morning but stayed in bed until 8:30.  I put on some sweats and went down and baked cranberry orange muffins and made some hot chocolate.  Then, we rearranged the furniture to make room for the second table and cleaned up.  We had an old table that we used to make enough room for everyone to be able to sit together but not on top of each other.  It worked out pretty well.  Unfortunately, the table is really old and this will be its last holiday. 

The turkey after spending 5 hours in the oven

I cooked sausage with onions and celery for the stuffing and mixed it with the cornbread.  Some of this went into the turkey and the rest into a baking dish. 

The turkey went into the oven and I washed the dishes and got into the shower. 

Pk and I played backgammon for a while.  We haven't played for a while and forgot how to set up the board.  Good thing I keep the instructions in the game.  We're pretty evenly matched and had an enjoyable time listening to music and playing.

I worked on his sweater and he watched some tool information videos while we waited for our children to arrive.  Kate and Patrick came in around 3:30 and Em and Jim and Colleen (who had a minor accident on the way and had to wait 2 hours for the police to show up) arrived at almost 4. 

I made mashed potatoes and green beans and gravy from the drippings. 

We sat down to dinner at close to 5 o'clock and it was delicious. Everyone ate their fill and talked and talked.  I love the fact that my children get along and we can have family gatherings that are not acrimonious but are filled with fun. (and strange discussions which included Heisenberg and Schroedinger's cat and God.  We are nothing if not eclectic)

The weather held and although we had some snow (!) early in the day, it didn't rain much.  It was grey and cold.  We brought down a small electric space heater which took the chill off the room.

the handspun alpaca sweater

There was pie (of course) with homemade whipped cream and coffee and tea.  We talked about the upcoming holidays and Christmas wish lists and shopping trips.  The dishes were washed and put away and since Em and Jim have to work tomorrow, they left to avoid traffic and Patrick and Kate went to visit his relatives.  And now, Pk is watching The Wood Whisperer (and no I am not kidding, that's the title) and I am getting ready to listen to a book and work on his sweater.  There it is sitting on top of my new bag.  This bag works just like I hoped.  All my essentials are in there and my wips.  I can just bring it to wherever I am sitting and pull out whichever project I'm interested in and I have everything I need.  I'm done 17 out of 21 inches of Pk's sweater and soon I have to divide for the front and back.  It just seems to take forever.

It was a quietly wonderful day.  It was exactly how I hoped it would be and I feel satisfied and happy.  We do not do the Black Friday hype thing.  I may get the holiday decorations out but maybe not.  I may just sit with my feet up and knit all day tomorrow.  Saturday we're going to Em's so she can cook a turkey.  It's a good thing we like turkey.  

So,Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I'm thankful for all of you.  You teach me new things and help me learn old ones.  You make me laugh and let me cry with you.  You have opened my world to include the world and it's been amazing.  So, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I'm thankful for you and I wish you a good weekend. 


Rose Red said…
Sounds like a wonderful day. and then time for knitting - I'm sure once you split for the sleeves it will fly by!
Olivia said…
It does sound lovely. Happy Thanksgiving Donna Lee. I am also blessed with a family that enjoys being together.
Jeanne said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful and peaceful day - mine was much the same and was so nice. I hope you have a wondeful weekend!
Roxie said…
I look at your table and think how wonderful it is that everyone wants to gather at YOUR house. I am thankful for your loving, happy family. Norman Rockwell could use you guys for models!
amy said…
The Thanksgivings in my "family of origin" were always acrimonious. Once, as a teenager, I got in my car and drove away, because I could. How I cherish my quiet Thanksgivings with my kids and my football.

I don't like to leave the house on "Black Friday." Just as well, because a goodly portion of the family seems to have a stomach thing going on. (Not me. I never get stomach bugs. Mind over matter, I say.) I'm knitting socks and sewing troll hats.

Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!
Galad said…
It does sound like a lovely day and your turkey looks very yummy. I'm getting ready to tackle the belated Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Nicole is coming over to help once she drags herself out of bed.

We are doing a very small Christmas this year so there was no need to hit the Black Friday sales. Somehow I didn't miss it. Hope your Sunday is just as relaxing and full of joy.
Bells said…
it sounds wonderful. thanksgiving is an american tradition I'm quite envious of. I always think the food sounds wonderful, the timing is great and the premise itself is just perfect. Your table looked beautiful!
Anonymous said…
its looks just wonderful, lots to be thankful for indeed.

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