It's Friday!  Yay.  Today is my day off gift to myself and it started as rather self indulgent.  I slept in until almost 9 am (almost unheard of) and then got up and got a piece of chocolate cake (El made it for me yesterday) and a large glass of cold milk and climbed back into bed and watched Eddie Izzard.  I can't seem to remember that it's really hazardous to your health to watch him while eating.  Choking could very likely occur.  Then I took a shower and ordered myself a birthday gift.

This made Pk uncomfortable(he thinks he should do the ordering)  but I told him I'm perfectly ok with ordering myself a gift.  I ordered a Hermosa bag from Namaste.  I really wanted the eggplant color but it's unavailable so I got peacock instead.  It'll hold one large project and a small one or two and I'll be able to keep my bits and pieces collected in it.  Since I move around the house and knit in different places, I don't have a basket or container next to a favorite chair.  This will make things more convenient.

I finished another holiday gift pair of socks last night (I have two completed and a pair and a half of fingerless mitts done) while watching MadMen.  I haven't decided how I feel about this show but a coworker suggested it and I got it on dvd.  (if you've never heard of it, it's an award winning, highly acclaimed show that takes place in 1960 in a New York City advertising agency).  The first episode made me clench my teeth and feel angry inside.  Men didn't treat women really well in the workplace in those days (or anyone else who wasn't a white male).  But, having said that, the writing is superb and the acting is terrific.  There isn't one character that's particularly sympathetic and I realized that I really look for someone to identify with.  It's been interesting but I'm not sure how far I'll take it.

Mother Nature chose today to remind me that I am indeed a woman.  The reminder came in a strong, forcefull-hand-over-the-bottle-of-ibuprofen kind of way.  Ugh.  But, at least I'm home where I can sit and put up my feet and have some tea.  I briefly thought of doing the laundry today but that would defeat the purpose of taking a day off for myself now wouldn't it?  The clothes can wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

Pk and I are going to the movies and dinner and then to a bookstore.  We're going to see Red, finally.  I'm looking forward to it.  The girls will all be here for dinner tomorrow and it's bound to be a party.

Have a good weekend all!


Roxie said…
You will enjoy Red! Happy birthday, dear girl. Imagine - if you led a life of leisure, you would miss the almost sinful pleasure of occasionally sleeping until nine AM! And chocolate cake for breakfast? In bed? You - you - you sensualist! Way to celebrate!! I'm so proud of you!

Bummer about Mother Nature's timing, but maybe it's a farewell blitz sort of thing. Life has certainly been better for me after menopause.
Rose Red said…
Oooh, chocolate cake for breakfast! Nice way to start the day!

I usually order/buy my birthday presents too. Which is ok by me, as it means I get what I really want and my husby doesn't waste our money or his time!

I'd really like to see Red too. Looks like fun!
Alwen said…
Chocolate cake sounds like an awesome way to start the day. I think we are going to bake chocolate chip muffins tomorrow morning, so I'll be pretty close!
KnitTech said…
Happy birthday! Sounds like you treated yourself well.

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