Some thoughts on a Tuesday morning

I had to scrape frost off the car windows this morning in the dark

I should have had my mittens on when I did this.  My hands were cold.

It's 40 degrees outside (3.8 C) and it's only Nov. 2.  Definitely mitten weather.

It's election day here and they moved our polling place.  We've had the same place for 25 years and are a bit thrown by this.  Thrown in that we can't find the new place.  Looking will commence again after work today.  We're determined to find it.

This could be an important "off year" election (read: non presidential).  The Republicans could pick up a lot of congressional seats and then the Democrats will have to give up control.  People aren't happy with the economy/health care/jobs situation.  It's become really contentious in some places.

This is a short week for me since I took Friday off.  Thursday is my birthday and I'm giving myself a day off.

It's unbelievably quiet on my floor at work at 8 am.  I really like this.  The phones don't (usually) ring and there aren't but a few people here this early.  It's blissful.

I can't believe it but I have a sore throat.  Again!  Hardly seems fair but there it is.  I blame the dry heat in this building but it's probably just a bug I picked up from one of our clients (their access to health care isn't the best and they tend to come in here sick).  Time to stock up on tea and cough drops and then maybe another visit to the doctor.  He's going to think I like him or something.

I put another inch on pk's alpaca sweater last night.  It took over an hour since the body of the sweater is so big around.  He wanted it big and loose and the yarn isn't very thick, just a dk weight (approximately, it's handspun so it varies).  It takes a long time to knit but it's so soft to touch that it's a lovely tactile sensation.

It's after 8 and time to come back to the working world.  Have a good Tuesday!

ETAWe found the polling place after we hit the gym today.  Short workouts because it's been a while and we're both still recovering from the respiratory virus we had.  We went to the fire hall and Voila!  There was a large American flag out front and people going in doing their civic duty.  We felt very virtuous.  First the gym and then the voting booth.  And now a quiet, peaceful time at home.


Kaye said…
We moved a whopping .2 miles and our polling place changed! I'm going to miss the school! Now we have to go to a different school. Lame! I'm sending Dr. MS (off from work for election day) and Chunky on recon today to find it and tell me where it is so I can go after work!
Roxie said…
Out here in the hinterlands, we get to do vote-by-mail. I voted two weeks ago. Wish I could do it on line and as soon as every voter in a house has voted, the political TV adds stop. But that's just crazy talk.

Happy birthday to you!!
amy said…
Just got back from voting. I find the people who stand outside so obnoxious!! I had Grace on my hip and was holding Nicholas's hand, so I just nicely said, "I'm out of hands!" when they tried to hand me something. But one woman looked me over and said, "But I have ideas for school committee here." As if one, I'm too simple to have my own ideas, and two, because I have kids that's all I care about. Sigh. I DO have my own ideas, actually.

We've lived here six years and have voted in three different places. Don't know why.

And Happy Birthday!!!
Rose Red said…
Happy birthday for Thursday! Hope you aren't still feeling unwell by then.

And hope the election outcome is what you hope for.
KnitTech said…
Happy birthday!

Our voting place was surprisingly busy. Ususually mid-term elections are dead.
Anonymous said…
yay for birthdays this week! i hope you are already busy celebrating. its thursday here already, by the way! have a great day xx

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