I'm home today.  I've managed to pick up a bit of a cold, not much, but enough to keep me from sleeping well last night.  I don't have anything important to do today at work so I gave myself the day off.  There's a piece of pork in the crockpot with onions and garlic and marjoram for dinner.  I'll make some couscous with vegetables for dinner.  Easy.

I also have to make some cupcakes for work tomorrow for the Recovery Committee's anniversary party.  I have boxes of cake mixes so it's not going to require much work/attention on my part.

These are our snowmen and the color changing star lights in the midst of a color change.  They move from red to blue to green to yellow and back to red and then they go all crazy and manically change.  The little snowmen just sit there and smile. 

Someone said we were going to get some snow next week and it's certainly cold enough.  This makes Pk excited even if it means he'll have to shovel out the walkways and the car.

This is Pk's sweater-in-progress.  I'm trying to work on it as often as I can.  It fits him just the way he wanted, loose and hanging softly.  He doesn't like tight fitting garments and this is loose enough for him to wear something underneath.  Can you see the difference in tension?  It's not as obvious in real life.  I don't know any way around it.  I'm trying not to knit tightly especially on the purl rows (every other row is a knit row so on the back side they're purled).  I don't know what else to do.  I'll block it when I finish and we'll see.

I'm just about finished the holiday socks.  Only a few inches and a toe.  I haven't been spinning much since we put the wheel in the spare room.  I prefer to spin in front of the window downstairs and the windows in the spare room aren't big enough to see out of it. I'll move it back downstairs after the Christmas tree comes down in January. 

Front window with lights!

I'm looking forward to meeting drk's train on Sunday.  Pk said we should grab a cab and go to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch.  It's a local landmark and it's a fascinating place to visit.  Good food and often music and interesting shops.  There are two stands that sell cheesesteaks but I think they're closed on Sundays so we'll see.  There are Amish bakeries there, too but I know they're closed on Sunday.  I guess we'll have to have a few alternate plans since I don't know what kind of time limits we're going to have and I won't know until I hear from kylie when they make their reservations.

I hope you are all having (or have had) a good Tuesday.  I'm off to finish the holiday socks and then work on the endless grey sweater. 


Roxie said…
Try purling with a larger needle.

I'ts going to be a gorgeous sweater!!

And meanwhile, bravo for having the sense to stay home and fight off that cold!!
Rose Red said…
Hope you are feeling better soon.

I think Kylie will love the Market, great choice.
KnitTech said…
Can always pick up the stuff on Saturday and make a basket for later in the trip.
amy said…
I was going to suggest purling with a different-sized needle, too. Many people, I guess, purl more tightly than they knit? Or is it the opposite? If you google this you'll find loads about it and some fixes. I think maybe Knit Tech has a post about it? The foggy brain can't remember...

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