Kylie's coming, Kylie's coming, Kylie's coming!  I got email confirmation that drk and her sister will be able to stop in Philadelphia on Sunday for just a short time but it's enough to have lunch.  Unfortunately, the Terminal Market is out of the question because of the time constraints but we should be able to find a good place for a cheesesteak (a sandwich for which Philadelphia is known). 

I'm feeling a little peeved this morning.  Pk is making some holiday gifts this year (and going through the same "am I going to finish in time" angst as any knitter) and we had to order a piece for him to complete one of these gifts.  The website has an American flag and bald eagle as part of its logo so we assumed it was an American company.  Now, I want to say here that I don't have a bias against ordering from other countries and I'm not a "have to buy American" kind of person, but I think you probably already knew that.  The issue is that we paid extra for 2 day delivery.  I ordered the product on Monday and by Thursday, according to the site, it hadn't shipped yet.  (and my bank shows that the money was paid out on Monday)

I emailed the company and asked what was up and learned that the product is coming from Mumbai (which is ok) but hadn't shipped yet.  The "hasn't shipped yet" part is what is making me peeved.  If it gets hung up somewhere in transit, that's one thing.  If they haven't even sent it out yet, that's another.  The person who responded to my email said they "were checking on it" and should they refund the extra I paid for 2 day delivery.  It was only 2 dollars extra (which is why we paid it) but it's one of those principle things.  If you advertise 2 day delivery, then people should get 2 day delivery.  If it's not possible, don't advertise it.  I have written polite emails inquiring as to when we could expect this but if it hasn't shipped by tonight, I may have to cancel the order.  Thank goodness for paypal.   

Kate and I did a little holiday shopping last night but I was a lightweight.  I got tired and hungry so we weren't out too long.  I think she got what she needed and I got a few things.  I'll have to finish during the week and then next weekend.  I have plenty of time.  The holidays seem somehow surreal to me this year and I can't pinpoint why.  I seem content to ride along and go with the flow.  I'm not usually a fretful, anxious person but this year I seem to be even further out there. 

I'm sitting at my desk enjoying a still warm soft pretzel.  One of our clients brought them in and it's wonderfully doughy with a light dusting of salt.  That along with my coffee and I'm in a happy place. I have a huge pile of charts here next to me and the phone keeps ringing.  It's Friday, the day the phone rings all day. 

Have a good one!  I promise to take photos on Sunday.


Roxie said…
I know what you mean about feeling more out of it than usual. Christmas is 15 days away and I'm still feeling like we have all the time in the world. Probably because the stores were getting the Christmas things out in late October, so the sense of urgency has completely worn off by now.
amy said…
I always try to check where things are being shipped from, especially if it's a company I've never ordered from before, because if it's the West Coast, it can take a while. I recently placed two orders from separate companies on the West Coast. One took almost two weeks to get here, the other took two days, and one of those days was a Sunday. (That was Jimmy Beans Wool.) I was so impressed I emailed them to say so.
Bells said…
it is so great that you and Kylie are going to hang out. She emailed me about it this morning. What a lovely, slightly smaller world it is!
Rose Red said…
Can't wait to see your photos with Kylie! Have a lovely time!

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