I was sitting at my desk yesterday minding my own business (well, minding other people's business but since that is my job basically, it's ok) when the phone rang and a coworker told me that had an extra ticket to see A Christmas Carol at the Walnut St. Theater and would I like to go.  I asked when and she said they were leaving at 9:45.  I looked at my clock.  It was 9:35.  I looked at the 2 foot high pile of charts on my desk, all crying out for attention and said "of course I'd like to go". 

So, I did.  The Walnut St. Theater holds the record for the longest continually running theater in the English speaking world.  It's only a few blocks from where I work so we walked.  And since I have this lovely camera that I can carry in my purse, I have a photo.  My sock in progress and the stage.   Yes, people looked at me sideways when I pulled the sock out and took its photo but I like to show my knits a good time.

The play was a musical and it was well done.  It was only an hour long so it was a wonderful bit of holiday fun in the middle of a work day.  It was difficult to tackle that pile of charts after I got back but I managed to get everything done before our computer program decided to crash around 3 in the afternoon.  So, I'm ready to start the week on Monday.  Thankfully, since it's a full day of people to be seen.

Pk is working on his wips today and so am I.  I have laundry to do but not much else.  The shopping will wait until next weekend when we get paid. 

A local house all lit up

Here's a few photos from life around here

Some people go all out with the lights. But mother puts on quite a show all her own.

And a little bit of Oregon here in New Jersey.  Look, Roxie.  You're a clementine!

Have a good Saturday.


Roxie said…
Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling, what's her name . . .

I'm also a theatre in New York.

You made me smile all over my face. Thank you!!

What a treat that play must have been! Hooray for you for going. Have a good, quiet weekend!
amy said…
How nice to see the play! Good for you for taking the opportunity. Enjoy the weekend, Donna Lee!
Amy Lane said…
Go monkey sock, baby, go! Seriously-- sometimes a little bit of goofing off (theatre!) does wonders for your productivity!
KnitTech said…
We were going to see a Christmas Carole, last Saturday - but I wasn't feeling well. So, I've promised Grilltech I'd make it up to him with A Taming of the Shrew.

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