It's 3 pm on Sunday afternoon.  I am sitting on the bed, drinking tea and reading blogs.  Pk is killing zombies.  A fairly typical Sunday afternoon.

Back up 3 hours.  We left the house and headed to Drexel Pizza to get some cheesesteaks to take for lunch with Kylie and Nadine.  We got the sandwiches and some cans of soda and headed for 30th St. Station in Philadelphia.  There's Peter Kevin looking at the board to see which platform the train is coming in on.  Doesn't look too crowded, does it?  It wasn't really.  Lots of people moving about.  Men (boys really) in uniform.  Yesterday was the Army/Navy game here (Navy won by a large margin) and they're making their way back to Annapolis or West Point.

It looks like Kylie is coming on track number 3.  I'm ready with my sign.  I don't see her anywhere so I go back to the table where Pk is sitting with the lunch and grab my cell phone to text her.  She says she's by the info booth.

And there she is!  She looks just like her photos.  And here's something that surprised me but I'll share it with you.  She has an Australian accent!  I know! 
How weird is that?  (When I read blogs, I read them to myself in my unaccented American English.  It doesn't sink in that other people have different accents until I hear their voices).  It was altogether odd and wonderful.

We made our way to the table where there were cheesesteaks, a pizza steak and a chicken cheesesteak. 
Pk and I chose to bring lunch here because Kylie and Nadine only had about an hour and a half and the weather was abysmal this morning.  The train station has tables and chairs (and of course a coffee shop and a McDonalds) so we parked ourselves in a quiet corner to sit and eat and talk.

There it is.  Proof that they made it into Philadelphia.  I went to the souvenir store and got some little Philadelphia mementos, a Liberty Bell keychain, a LOVE statue magnet and a  map of the city along with some chocolates.

Dr K gave me some lovely yarn that I already have some thoughts about (doesn't take long does it?).

We talked about their trip and the different things they've seen.  New York is the last stop and I imagine they'll have a grand time and be exhausted by the time they get home.

They left with plenty of time to retrieve their bags and get back on the train for the next leg of the journey.  They'll be in NY soon, it's not a long ride.  And us?  We'll continue on our lazy Sunday path.  I put ingredients in the bread machine to make dough for a panzarotti for Pk for dinner and I think I'll have an omelette.  I'm working on the alpaca sweater and watching some Japanese animation (Mushi-shi, strange but interesting).  It's a blustery day with rain and wind and lots of grey and ominous clouds.  No more going out for me.  I'm comfortable right here.

I hope you are all comfortable wherever you are. 


amy said…
Glad you managed to meet up! The weather IS abysmal. Chris's flight (Warsaw-->Frankfurt-->NJ-->home) went through Newark and I had some hairy hours thinking he wasn't going to be here until tomorrow. Flights cancelled all over the place, but he just landed in RI and I shall see him soon, I hope. And THEN I will be comfortable. I'm never truly comfortable on the long travel days.

(Also, you make me smile! with the accent thing!)
bells said…
oh that is so great! I've been longing for the post where you say she made it.

She does indeed having an Aussie accent! It's funny that sort of thing isn't it? In as much as I ever try and imagine what you all sound like, I would say I feel certain you aren't unaccented! You might not sound southern or like you're from Brooklyn or something, but it's different to how we speak English so it's an accent!
Rose Red said…
yay! so lovely to see you all together!

you crack me up with the accent comment!!
Alwen said…
Isn't that funny how you all sound just like me, at least in my head?

That huge swirl of weather wrapped warm air right around us and we had rain all night and well into the day. It didn't start to snow until afternoon.
Roxie said…
What a happy adventure! You are so hospitable. And PK is a trooper!

And hooray for a quiet afternoon at home. It sounds so cozy and comfy.
Amy Lane said…
What a lovely stop-- and what good people you are to swing by and make it pleasant for you online buddies! How much fun is that!
Galad said…
It looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing your adventure.
KnitTech said…
What a fun sounding day.
knitabulous said…
Hey - that's my knitting buddy Kylie there! (waves)

To me, there isn't such thing as unaccented American. American is an accent! So it's funny to hear the reverse said, although nobody would say the Australian English is a mild accent. It's broad as Brooklyn!

Great that you caught up with Kylie, she's lovely isn't she? I think she would have loved the sign!

It often strikes me that the internet knitting community is one of the best things to be a part of. It's hard to imagine that you can go to a foreign country and find a friendly face whose prepared to make the effort to meet you - I bet Nadine was blown away by it.

Yay for you and Kylie meeting each other!
Anonymous said…
im home now and slowly raeding blogs, it was sooo great to see you and PK, you were as lovely as i imagined, and not accented at all! heh, well you were but my expectations were pretty spot on, a a little bit jersey maybe?! nardine thought you were both lovely too, she can talk that one cant she?! thanks again for everything, im still dreaming of cheesesteaks!

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