It's cold here.  The temperatures have not gotten above freezing here for the past two days.  Little bits of snow have fallen out of the sky but only enough to lift the heart.

I have noticed that there seems to be a dearth of Christmas spirit this year.  Do you think it's because the economy is shaky?  It was just as shaky last year and I don't remember people seeming quite so reluctant to celebrate.

I have been feeling kind of blah myself but have decided that I don't want to feel that way.  I believe that sometimes we can decide how we are going to feel and I am deciding to throw myself into the holiday and enjoy it all.

We will finish our Christmas shopping this coming weekend and that leaves me a week to do the baking.  I have to make the list of cookies to bake and see who I can rope into (encourage to participate) baking with me.  I work up until the 23rd since we have the 24th off and then I am taking the week between the holidays off.  Pk doesn't have the time left but he can work from home so there's no rushing around in the morning.  He'll have to spend the day in front of the computer but at least it's at home.

I haven't heard anything about our item still on order.  It's been over a week now and that's hardly a 2 day delivery.  The last email I got said that it took 5 days from India and then it would have to come from New York (which should only take a short bit since NY is only about 100 miles away).  Pk is pretty sure that it won't arrive in time for Christmas but I'm holding onto hope that it'll get here in time.

He was out scavenging for wood after work tonight.  He brought home some rather large hunks of oak and felt it was an altogether profitable trip.

I always tease Elanor that she looks just like her father.  Well, here's the proof.  It's one of the only photos I have of the two of them that close together.  Look at those faces.  They couldn't deny each other, that's for sure.  We were on our way back from Delaware and stopped at a pancake house for dinner (they were humoring me, I love pancakes).  I took advantage of having my pocket sized camera and took a photo of the two of them.  Aren't they cute?

I can tell from the smell that dinner is almost done.  I made chicken with garlic and olives and put some potatos in the oven with some acorn squash.  We're trying to eat different vegetables and hopefully this will be a success and we'll like the squash.  

Stay warm y'all.


amy said…
Oh, let us know if you need veggie suggestions! I'm the only one in the house who likes squash, though.

I'm just shocked it's less than two weeks before Christmas. I lost a whole week there while Chris was away. I feel bad our tree isn't up yet, but it needs to be a weekend (school) and he wasn't here this past weekend.
Sheepish Annie said…
Oh yeah! Those two are most definitely related!

And I agree with you. The holiday spirit has completely eluded me this year. Maybe now that our balmy 55 degree temps have passed and a few flurries are in the works, I'll start to think more about the looming deadline that is Christmas!
Kaye said…
Ha ha! Yeah if she had a sex change and changed her part, they'd be twins!

I personally am LOVING this weather. It ocurred to me today there are no songs celebrating the oppressive heat of summer. Let is Snow! Dreaming of a White Christmas! Baby it's Cold Outside!
Roxie said…
I like my squash cooked with a pat of butter and some brown sugar in the cavity. Maple syrup is also good. Winter squashes are some of my favorite veggies, but the darlling husband hates 'em. So he cooks them for me.

Clearly no Ethopian in YOUR fuel supply! What beautiful smiles!
KnitTech said…
They really do look alike. Hope you get your gift in time.

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