It's 6:30 PM here and there's only a little bit of 2010 left.  I can hear fireworks somewhere out there in the darkness.  Pk and El and I are just finishing up dinner (quiche and nice chewy bread) and then we'll clean up and go spend the next few hours with my brother and his children.

I spent the day doing some tidying up and some cleaning out.  The laundry is done and the closet cleaned out and my work clothes are cleaned and ready for me to go back to work.  (and I didn't forget to pack the gym bag)
The groceries are purchased and put away.  I put some beans into the crock pot and they should be smelling good very soon.  We'll eat them with potato salad and ham on Sunday. 

It feels good.  I wanted to clean out the spare room and straighten it up but that's for another day.  It's not too messy but it's become a dumping ground and I want it to be an organized dumping ground.

Other than that, all the chores for the weekend are finished.  Tomorrow, we'll have dinner with Em and Jim and then Sunday I think we'll be lucky if we get dressed.  It's our last day of vacation and we'll spend it vacating in our pajamas.

We've had a great holiday.  I got to spend some time with my family and a good bit of time by myself which I need sometimes.  I did some knitting and also some spinning and lots of cooking.  It was nice to have the time to be creative and to spend time doing what I enjoy.  I make time for my crafts all during the year but often it's little snatches of time here and there.  This was days of time just for me.  And I loved it.

In a short bit, it'll be a whole new year.  It's like being given one last gift for Christmas.  I can't wait to see what it brings!

Here's to a happy, healthy, crafty, crazy, fun-filled, thoughtful, incredible 2011.  Happiest of Happy New Years.


Galad said…
Enjoy your last weekend before heading off in to the new year. Here's hoping 2011 is a healthy and happy year full of knitting :-)
Anonymous said…
those whole days of time are just magic arent they? wishing you all the best for a peaceful and joyful 2011!

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