Elanor's bedroom window

Can you stand a few more snow photos?  This is the view out my bedroom window.  For some reason, the snow piled on top of the birch stumps caught my eye.  This was early yesterday morning.  And these are some huge icicles hanging from an ice dam in the gutter.  They were almost 3 feet long and rather impressive.  The front of the house gets the morning sun and this was about noon-ish. 

And here's my little snowmen sitting in the snow.  They're about 8 inches off the ground normally but now are just sitting on the snow.  They were covered up by the blowing, drifting white stuff for a few hours but looks like they have dug themselves out.

It's very bright when you go outside.  The light reflects off all the white and it feels like you're in the middle of a light box.  We went out yesterday to take a care package and check on one of Em's friends that she was worried about.  Turns out the friend already had someone there so we dropped off the soup and juice and came back home.

I spent most of the day working on my cowl.  I want it to be long enough to be a hood so I'm doing 4 repeats of the chart.  I'm halfway through number 3.  If it's not quite long enough, I may do an extra repeat.  The pattern calls for worsted weight and my yarn is more fingering. 

I still have considerable congestion.  Since I can't take decongestants (blood pressure) I have to wait for my body and gravity to clear out my sinuses.  I use warm rags when the pressure gets too much.  I've enjoyed being off from work and could easily get used to being a woman of leisure.  I've been sleeping 8-10 hours a night and napping if the urge strikes.  It's been wonderful.

I've also had some random thoughts.  Because I have no shame, I'll share them with you.

Do you think the yarnharlot reads all her comments?  Sometimes when I read her blog, there are literally hundreds.  Even if I have something I want to say, I won't bother.  I can't imagine anyone has the time/patience to read through that many comments.  Would you?

I was cruising the boards on ravelry and ran across a thread titled "whatcha get?".  For some reason, I found this really offensive.  Not that people shouldn't talk about how excited they are about what they got for Christmas, I got some really lovely things, but somehow it felt like it was in poor taste in this economic climate.  Like it's flaunting.  I don't know.  I'm still thinking this one through.  I guess I just read too many threads where people are struggling just to pay the bills and put food on the table. 

We actually have some plans for the next few days.  Tomorrow, Pk has to go to work for half the day to meet with someone and explain the new program he wrote.  Then we're going shopping to exchange some items and do the grocery shopping.  Friday night we'll spend with my brother and his family playing games and eating goodies.  Saturday we're going to Em's house for dinner and then Sunday will be a pajama day. 

And then it's back to ordinary life on Monday.  le sigh.  Back to the gym for a gradual reintroduction to my workout.  I have not gone regularly for over a month and I can feel the difference.  This, more than anything, will convince me to go back and be more loyal to my workout .  I have noticed that I have more body aches than I did when we were going regularly.  I may not lose weight, but feeling better is way worth the effort. 

Any New Year's resolutions on your agenda?  I am endeavoring to be kind to people and give people the benefit of the doubt.  I am going to try not to jump to conclusions about people's motives.  I am going to continue to try new things in my knitting/spinning and acheive continued gaak.  Hard to believe it's time to think of this stuff again, isn't it?


Roxie said…
The motive behind the "Whacha get?" makes all the difference. If someone is saying,"Mine's better than your's. I'm special 'cuz I got more gifts," then screw 'em. On the other hand, if they have finally gotten the pony they have wanted for 37 years, Then hooray for them and let me hold your coat while you dance with glee.

I think it's ok to celebrate getting something wonderful. I wouldn't have much to talk about if I didn't share the wonderful things in my life. The sun came up today! Wahoo! I had breakfast. Lord oh Lord but I'm a lucky woman! We have - - - Indoor Plumbing! Is that too cool for school or what?

But I've been wrong before, and I could well be wrong this time. I dunno.
Donna Lee said…
I agree with your thought. If the tone of the thread was "look at what I got! I've always wanted one!", then I'm all for it. I like to share my wonderful things too. Life is too short not to celebrate everything. But the tone of the thread was more along the "flash your stash" variety and I guess it just hit the wrong nerve this time.
I can't believe the year is over either. It went so quickly.

I'm totally with you on the gym thing. I'm heading back on Sunday, starting the new year with some personal training to get me back on track. I feel so much better when I'm exercising regularly.

Hope you have a lovely new year celebration. It is hot here in Oz and we are going to eat prawns and cold ham and stay home and play board games.
Rose Red said…
Sounds like you had a great christmas and I hope you are feeling better as you ring in the new year. The cowl looks gorgeous!

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