When it started snowing yesterday at around 11 in the morning, it looked like this (right).  Lots of fine flakes that quickly covered sidewalks.  It had been so cold that the snow "stuck" to the ground easily.
By mid afternoon, it looked like this (left).  I sat firmly ensconced on my couch enjoying the company of the Christmas tree and making myself a Strider cowl.  By the end of the night I had finished one repeat and will work on it some more today.  It's the polwarth/silk yarn that drk gave me when she came to visit.  It's soft and light and I think will keep my head warm (I'm making it as long as I can to pull it over my head) without being too tight. 

And this is what it looks like this morning after Pk has started to dig us out.  It's cold.  Really cold.  The snow is powdery and light and is blowing all over in the wind.  I don't think he'll be outside any longer than he has to and I don't think we'll see too many kids outside, although kids seem to be immune to cold where snow is concerned.

I'm so glad we both have today off from work.  It will be a mess there  as people call and cancel appointments.  Philadelphia doesn't plow the small streets and people can be snowed in for a few days as neighbors help dig each other out.  My office mate is providing coverage for me and I told him that all my people were in fine shape and he wouldn't have much to do.  I lied.  He'll probably have to spend the day faxing prescriptions for people who can't make it in for their appointments.  And tomorrow, too.  I guess I'll owe him one.

I'm going to do some laundry and knit and maybe get the wheel out for a while.  I haven't been spinning since I moved the wheel to the spare room for the holiday.  Em gave me some merino/tencel mix and I'm itching to try it out.  It looks like it'll be shiny. 

My cold is slowly receding, as colds do.  The sneezing and watery eyes have given way to sinuses that are blocked and rather painful.  A hot shower this morning helped tremendously.  Some Mucinex and hot tea will help some more (I hope). 

I forgot to show you one of my favorite Christmas gifts.  It's a Wood Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls.  Kate made it.  It's so warm and the color is much redder than in the photo.  I kept it wrapped around my shoulders most of yesterday. 

It sounds like Pk is finished (I hear the garage door opening and closing) and I want to make him some hot food so I'll close now. 

Have a wonderful Monday (and stay warm!)


amy said…
My kids went out. It is powdery, not good snowman snow at all, except we have a layer of frozen stuff partway down, where we got the good ol' wintery mix in the middle of it all. That makes it so much more fun to shovel... Our 2yo was so excited to go out but she wasn't too thrilled with the snow blowing in her face once she got there. ;) The boys are starting to trickle in so I think it's time I got the hot cocoa going. Stay warm!!
Kaye said…
I can't get Chunky to stay in! He's been outside literally all day! And he just came in to tell me he's going sledding now. Ha ha!

I like the progression shots there! Very nice!

Work got called off here too. I'm hoping it's back on tomorrow (can't believe I'm saying that!) There's a lot to do!
Bells said…
oh the wool peddlar's shaw! I made that for my mum. It's a wonderful, beautiful shawl!

Look at all that snow! I was thinking just now about what it would be like to be snowed in, then I reaised that far north of me, the better part of Queensland is flooded in, so I guess it happens all over the place!
KnitTech said…
Hope you feel better soon. We did the pool yesterday and that really made me feel better. Today, however, is another story.
Roxie said…
Is it a winter wonderland? It shore looks purty!

Hooray for staying home with hot tea and the spinning wheel. And, oh, what a lovely shawl! Bravo Kate! Applause!!!
Galad said…
Glad you are safe and warm inside. We only got about 4-5 inches in Iowa so the streets were clear pretty quickly.

What a beautiful shawl! That is a special present.

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