Peter Kevin works for a company that still gives its employees Good Friday off.  It's rare in our country for that to happen.  While Easter is a holiday (and recognizable by the candy and bunny shaped decorations all over) it's not as widely celebrated in the secular community as Christmas. 

I took Friday off and I left early Thursday after the health and wellness fair.  Kate and I set up a table and once again spread the fiber word.  She is such a good teacher.  We sent several folks off with needles, yarn, instructions and directions to my office if they had any questions in the future.  There were a lot of folks at the fair and I think it was a success. 

I ended up taking a nap when we got home.  Allergy season is in full bloom (pun intended) and my head was full.  We spent yesterday running errands.  Pk bought a printer/scanner to replace the very old and mostly non-functioning one we had.  We also decided to replace the 25 year old KitchenAid mixer that was still working but has lost its lowest two speeds (and sends flour shooting all around in a gusher when you turn it on necessitating covering the whole thing with a towel to keep flour from all the kitchen surfaces) with a new one.  It's down on the counter now waiting to make babka with me.  And cheesecake.  I have an unnatural love for this particular kitchen appliance.

We also did the grocery shopping and put away all of the food.  In support of our local firemen, we bought Easter flowers.  Lovely tulips and hyacinths and some daffodils which are all blooming downstairs right this minute.  I have a feeling that's why I woke up this morning sneezing my head off with a nose that is running like a faucet.  Either that or I have a cold.  It doesn't matter.  I took some antihistamine and it's not working so I'll just carry a box of tissues around with me as I clean and cook for tomorrow. I've never had a reaction to flowers like this before.  What a pita.

It's very still here at the moment.  The stillness that precedes a storm.  Not a leaf is moving and the birds are quiet.  It's eerie and fascinating.  We are forecasted to get rain and I think it's coming. 

I have potato salad to make and beans to season and put into the crockpot and some babka and cheesecake to bake.  You'd think we were having a housefull  but it'll only be Elanor, Peter Kevin and I.  I think Kate and Patrick are going to Emily's for dinner.  Easter dinner was never one of those big "have to get home" dinners.  This is the first year without Aunt Joan and I suppose I should have invited my cousin to dinner but I didn't think of it.  I've been preoccupied by all the other family stresses and Cheryl got forgotten.  I'll call her tomorrow and make sure she's ok.  She'll be spending the day with her friend Walter (whom Emily calls the "beigest person I know") so she won't be alone.

Cooking is like knitting for me.  Therapy of a sort.  I like to cook and I plan to set the table with china and silver for dinner tomorrow even if it's only three of us.  We should celebrate life and spring and renewal.  We're waiting to hear what form of memorial is being planned for Mandy.  There was some talk of a memorial at the school where she taught and gave so much of herself.  I think that would be lovely. 

I do have some photos to share but they're still in the camera which is in my purse which is downstairs.  Yes, I am that lazy.  Sorry.  I'll share them later in the week. 

When I can put down the tissues and stop blowing my nose.

If Easter is your holiday, then I wish you a joyous Easter .  If not, then have a wonderous April weekend. 


KnitTech said…
Hope the pollen count goes down for you soon.

Enjoy your Easter dinner.
Rose Red said…
Happy easter to you! All that cooking sounds wonderful. We are having lunch at my MIL's and I'm on dessert duty (my favourite!) so will be making an apple cake very soon.

I love love love my KitchenAid too. It is my favourite kitchen appliance, hands down!

I think I've commented before about Good Friday - it's surprising to me that in a country like the US (which seems overwhelmingly christian to me, but maybe that's just because they are the loudest??) that Good Friday is not a universal public holiday. Australia is very secular, but GF is one of the few days (with Christmas Day and Anzac Day) where everything but essential services close down for the day. But we really do love our public holidays here, I don't think the government or any company would dare try to take them away.
Roxie said…
Living with overfilled sinuses is not being lazy. It just takes more energy to move. Hope the storm clears the air for you.
Louiz said…
I hope you've enjoyed your break, allergies allowing.

I am also surprised when I hear that the USA doesn't have Good Friday off as a public holiday. We have Good Friday and Easter Monday off as public holidays. Also schools end their first term of the year at Easter here, so it's in the middle of the school holidays so most people take time off at Easter due to that. Even those of us who are not religious at all!
Bells said…
it amazes me that America doesn't get good friday as a public holiday for everyone. But as RoseRed says, Australia loves a public holiday and I think the Easter weekend is treasured as a really long weekend!

Hope you're feeling less snotty soon!

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