photo of my pink sneakers taken with my iphone

Mothers' Day is not until May 8th (here in the US) but I have already received my present.  Pk has been trying to convinve me that I "need" a smartphone.  I insisted that my little pink phone is just fine but I will admit to a niggling desire for the technology.  I just didn't think I needed one.  He has one and that's all we needed.

But I caved.  In all honesty, it didn't take much arm twisting.  Elanor and I went to the phone store last night and I got an iphone.  So, now, instead of just making phone calls, I can play word games with my family and friends.  It's mildly addicting.

I think that new technology is headache making.  Trying to learn how to use all the various parts and make it work with my computer is mentally exhausting.  I think it's set for now and I can just enjoy using it and playing with it casually.  I have finally figured out how to get an ebook on it and now both Pk and I can read A Walk In the Woods by Bill Bryson. 

Today was a tiring day even without any new technology.  I have been working at my job for almost 17 years and have met a lot of people in that time.  I have come to care for quite a few of them and enjoy interacting with them when they come in to see the doctor.  I ask them about their lives and their families and they ask about mine.  I can't say we're friends but we're friendly.

There are a few, however, whom I've known for so many years who have a permanent place in my heart.  Today I went to see one of them.  He's dying of lung cancer and he's 57 years old.  I've known him for all of my time in my job and adore him.  I haven't seen him in a while since he's been sick.  His mother called me and said that he was asking about me and if I wanted to see him I could come to the house.  The hospice social worker told me "make it sooner rather than later" so today I treked into South Philadelphia to visit my friend.  He wasn't feeling well and slept most of the visit.  He was awake long enough for his mother to snap one photo of he and I together and I'll cherish it.  He's an artist who has sold his artwork (one picture to me) and I have a drawing he did of me that needs a frame.  I will look at that drawing and smile and feel grateful that I was priviledged to be a part of his life.  And I will miss him forever.

Sad week, this one.  The memorial for my niece is Friday.  I think it will be hard.  After I visited with my buddy today, I walked back toward the train and stopped to sit in a park.  Just a small place with some grass and some benches and some huge tulips.  I took this with my iphone.  Not a bad photo.  I sat in the park and let myself feel sad until I heard the thunder. 

It wasn't supposed to rain today, not until tomorrow but the sky got dark, much darker than it looks in the photo, and the thunder got closer and the rain started coming down.  Thankfully, I always have an umbrella in my bag so I was fairly dry. 

I made it to the train and got home to sticky, humidity.  I chose to sit outside the station and wait for Peter Kevin to get home.  It was too hot to sit in the car.  And I didn't want to miss any of the sideshow going on at the station.  Four police cars to deal with one scrawny young man.  I don't know what the problem was but they were searching him and his backpack and a nearby car when I came out of the station.  He wasn't resisting or even being mouthy so why they felt the need for 4 police officers, I don't know. 

We got home and played with the technology to figure out some bits and then had a cold supper of leftover ham and potato salad.  It was delicious.  Hard to believe it's almost bedtime already.  I'm going to find some soothing, plain knitting and listen to some audiobook and go to bed soon.  Tomorrow is a busy day (I'm covering in a different program) and I am tired.

Have a good Wednesday night and a terrific Thursday.


amy said…
It sounds tiring, Donna Lee. I'm so sorry for all the sadness and loss you have going on right now.
DrK said…
you do sound tired. there is an awful lot of sadness and anger in this world, sometimes it can get overwhelming. i hope your thursday isnt too harsh. looove the pink sneakers, and yay for smart phones!
Olivia said…
In the midst of your sad week, I do think it's a good thing to sit and feel it sometimes. But I hope it's soon time for you to sit and feel some happy. I love those pink shoes and they make me think of what you've said a few times, that you've been trying to bring more pink into your life.
Kaye said…
I love my little "stupid" phone. It took me years to cave to the cell phone trend, I imagine I'll be one of the last holdouts for a smart phone as well.

Ugh. Yes. Lots of sadness. We recently had a tragedy involving someone at work. Sounds trite and callous, but it helps put things in perspective.
KnitTech said…
The week is almost over, you can get some recharging spinning done this weekend.
Roxie said…
((hugs)) I am sending you strength and joy. If you believe in heaven and God, then passing out of cancer and into glory is a good thing. It sucks for those of us left behind but it's great for the person involved.

Hold on. Spin when you can. It's good for you. Hug PK and your girls and celebrate their presence in your life. Hard times come, and pass. Hold on.
Rose Red said…
Look at those pink sneakers, they must bring some joy (well, they'd have to be red for me, but I'll give you your pink!). It's hard when there's so much sadness affecting your life so directly, but I try to take the joy in hte little things.

I hope you are feeling less tired and that the memorial for your niece doesn't take too much out of you. And then the weekend, hope you get a good rest.
Galad said…
Rest and take good care of yourself. Love the pink shoes :-)
Bells said…
I think sitting and letting yourself feel sad is the key moment for me in this post. Too many people fight it. I think just feel it and get through it the best way you can. Really feel for you right now.

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