the birthday party table decoration.
 Friday was Kate's 22nd birthday.  We took her to get pizza and then to see Captain America.  Now, I'm not a huge comic book hero fan and I will admit to knowing nothing at all about Cpt America so I went into this open minded.

I loved it.  Out and out loved.  I mean what's not to love about a movie where the good guys (who are all young and buff) win and the bad guys (the really bad guy had a red skull but I understand that's part of the original storyline) lose?  Pk and I really enjoyed it and I think Kate did too.
We had dinner at Kate and Patrick's house on Sunday.  A few weeks ago, Patrick asked me for a cake recipe so he could make a cake for Kate.  Since I know she loves blueberries, I gave him an apple cake recipe (one that I know will almost never fail) and told him to substitute blueberries for apples.  I've done it before and it's delicious. 

Patrick made the cake on Saturday night and left in the pan overnight.  I know, I know (I can hear all the bakers out there gasping).  I told him that it was a mistake and they managed to get it out of the pan and put it together like a puzzle and it looks good doesn't it?  It WAS good.  Very tasty. 

Kate called me early Sunday morning and asked for cupcakes so I made a batch and frosted them and we took them with us, just in case.  She didn't need them and they ended up in the freezer.    My mom used to make us cupcakes for our lunches and freeze them.  Kate took some with them for their shore vacation and they'll have the rest for later. 

We are being self indulgent again and taking Friday and Monday off.  I can't wait.  No real plans, just some time off.  It will probably include a beach day but I'm not sure what else.

Summer seems to be winding down quickly.  It's almost the middle of August already.  It's hazy and humid here and we are relying on the a/c to get to sleep at night.  It cost us 50 dollars extra in electricity for July.  I figure my sanity is worth 50 dollars. 

And one last shot.  Here's Kobold (Kate and Patrick's dog) watching out the window.  Kate and Patrick had gone to the deli and he was waiting for them to come home.  That's his chair.  You can't see in the photo but those windows (which look oddly crooked) are covered in nose prints.  He likes to be able to see out the windows.

So, that's all that's new with us.  What's new with you?


amy said…
Summer really is flying. My kids are supposed to start school in 22 days. I'm not happy about that.

I rarely try Bundt cakes anyway. I'm always afraid I won't get them out of the pan correctly. But blueberry cake! Yum. They could have always just served the pieces in a bowl topped with vanilla ice cream. Who cares how it looks if it's tasty?!
KnitTech said…
We didn't make it to Captain America, but we'll end up buying it.

The puppy looked like he was enjoying the air conditioner more than looking out the window.
Roxie said…
Loved Captain America! The feisty little guy gets to be the honorable big guy. Woohoo!

The cake looks awesome - especially considering!

And Kobold looks like he really wants his people back.

Have a swell long weekend. You have earned it!!
Rose Red said…
Yay for parties! The cake looks really good, I would never have known it stuck!

I think it's worth paying for AC if it means you are comfortable and can sleep well. Some people spend way more than that on takeaway coffee in a month!
Bells said…
oh well done to Patrick on the reconstruction! I try never to leave a cake in for longer than 10-15 mins unless it's a recipe that says leave it to cool completely in the tin.
Alwen said…
The cake looks great, and as long as it was tasty, that's the important thing, isn't it?

My parents never had an air conditioner when I was a kid, but my DH had one when we got married. That was a summer with record-breaking heat, and we really needed it.

And we've had so much humidity that the water runs out of the drain hole in the back the whole time it's on!

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