Today was a good day.  It started out a bit rocky, I had a huge wave of nausea while just sitting at my desk early this morning.  Bad enough that I reached for one of the 7.5 ounce cans of Coke I keep in the fridge in my office.  They're cute and are just about enough soda for me at one time.  It always seems to settle my stomach.  After about an hour and a half, it was better.  I don't know what the magic ingredient is, but I love it.

It passed and I had supervision and led a group and then just put out little fires all afternoon. 

Pk and I learned that a performer of whom we'd heard but with whom we were not familiar, was playing at a local park for free tonight.  We decided to get some sandwiches and head over early for an al fresco dinner and some music.

The park was beautiful.  It features a small amphitheater (I had to look that up since it looks wrong) and benches all around the front with lovely large trees in the back.

We sat at the top and had a good time hearing a new (to us) musician.  Only problem is that people around us were so disrespectful.  They couldn't sit still or be quiet for even a few minutes.  I know it's a free concert but still, the person on the stage deserves some respect.

The lighting guy had some really cool effects that were projected onto the trees behind the stage.  They made it look  like the trees were moving.  I stopped to tell the lighting guy how much I enjoyed his part in the show and his whole face lit up. 

Here's Chris Smither singing Origin of the Species.  It was a good one.  The man is 67 years old (and has a 7 year old daughter).  He has a wonderfully craggy voice and writes intelligent songs.  We're now on a mission to find some of his cds.

And I'd like to say one more thing about the Microagressions website.  I hope I didn't come off as totally unsympathetic toward people who felt like they had been disregarded or insulted or devalued.  I didn't mean it that way.  Olivia made a good point when she said  (I'm paraphrasing here) that if we allow all of these small disrespects go unmentioned, they can become big things and can snowball until people feel totally devalued or unworthy.  I don't want that to happen and I actually do take the time to ask if someone says something that comes out sounding wrong.  "Did you mean to say that, because it sounds like you're saying this"?  It's not always easy to point out something like that without offending someone.

If people can read what others are experiencing and it helps them to become more sensitive to their own way of speaking and their own feelings/prejudices, then it's a worthwhile site. 

I have my fiber craft group tomorrow.  I have hopes that at least 4 people are coming.  The interesting thing is that there's chatter among the group members between groups.  It's very cool.

I'm off to search for some mandalas here on the computer at home.  The security program at work won't let me access the websites.  "Colleague, you are not permitted to view that website" (or something similar) shows up on the screen.  I can't look up breast cancer either without going in circles due to the word BREAST.  Youtube is also right out.  Of course, facebook is ok and thankfully, I can usually read blogs during lunch.  Some days it's random and I'm never sure where it'll draw the line so I will search out new and more challenging designs for my group tomorrow.  I use them to introduce a mild and unthreatening form of meditation.  Most folks really enjoy coloring them into intricate designs.  Them make me feel peaceful.

Good night!


Kaye said…
Too funny, coloring stresses me out. Bad kindergarten memories I guess!

I remember those little cokes when I was little myself. My dad used to call them "kid cokes." Seems like they stopped selling them for the longest time and now they've been back.
KnitTech said…
What a lovely sounding day. Sometimes people can't sit still. I know I went to a townhall without my knitting. It was awfull. Too many people, in a too small room, it was stuffy, and the chair was uncomfortable. Oh and some guys was talking about stuff I didn't pay attention to. Maybe those people forgot their knitting.
Olivia said…
Good stage lighting is an art. I suspect people don't seek out the lighting guy with praise very often - you probably made his day!

Oh, I didn't think at all that you were unsympathetic! I only wanted to draw out a different angle that I saw in that site.
Roxie said…
I remember when dad would go down to the drugstore and get Coke syrup to settle upset tummies. Glad to hear it still works. Bummer about that rogue wave of nausea, though.

Love the performer! Thanks ever so for sharing that!

Coloring mandalas can be SO meditative! Wonder if you could create your own? With a compass and a straight edge, I know you can create a chrysanthemum. Maybe PK and your brilliant kids could come up with more ideas.
Galad said…
My mother always gave me Coke to settle my stomach. Glad to hear it worked for you!

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