One baby hat.  Actually, it's the second hat I've made this week.  I first made the Sweet Baby Cap which I happen to adore. 

There are two women on the verge of giving birth at work.  At least that's how they look.  I think they have another few weeks.  Anyway, I am not particularly close to either one but wanted to make something for their babies to be.  I made the Cap and then had second thoughts.  It's a very old fashioned hat and these are young women. 

I thought maybe something hipper would be more appreciated.  I love this little hat.  Something about the idea of the tassels bouncing along.  I just cast on the second one and have until Monday to finish it.  I'd like to make some booties but we'll have to see about time.  These things are so quick to whip up!  And I am not a fast knitter.

I used some stash yarn.  This is cotton/acrylic and very soft to the touch and of course, washable. 

I am excited to learn that Janet Evanovich's One for the Money is a movie! And it comes out next week!  I am a Stephanie Plum fan and hopefully the movie won't let me down.   The trailer looked interesting.  Kate offered to go with me so it lets Pk off the hook.  He would go but I don't think it's his kind of movie.

And speaking of Kate, she spent last night in the ER getting her back xrayed.  It's been hurting and not getting any better.  She finally got it checked out.  Nothing showed up on the films so it's off to a specialist.  I warned her that this had better not be an alien spine baby.  One per family should be enough.  Although, as Em said, we've got experience in that area.....

It was frigid over the weekend and then warmed up to almost 50 degrees in time for the rain to hit yesterday.  This is more normal for us.  It's freezing and then it warms up and rains.  It may be icy tomorrow morning but probably not bad.  The last two winters with all the snow were abberations.  Cold rain is our usual fare.  It's sad really.  I like snow but I will say I am enjoying not being cold all the time. 

I made Pk chili for dinner and made extra for Kate and Patrick so she wouldn't have to stand and cook dinner.  Pk's is spicy and Kate and Patrick's not.

I'm heading to a short training tomorrow on dually diagnosed individuals.  Individuals with mental retardation and mental illness.  Like it's not tough enough to have one, some poor souls have both.  I work with individuals who are dually diagnosed.  It can be frustrating and trememdously satisfying.  It's only a two hour training but it will break up the week.  It's within walking distance so I can take the bus there so as not to be late, and then take my time walking back in the (hopefully) sunshine.  I'm looking forward to it. 

I've been doing some program testing at work for our IT department.  Our electronic medical records program is having some problems and they want to put a patch on it but the patch seems to have more bugs than the program it's supposed to fix!  I'm glad I'm not responsible for it.  By the time it's finally working the way it's supposed to, we'll be ready to upgrade.

We're halfway through January already and how did that happen?  Pk and I are planning a long weekend around his birthday.  No plans, just some days off to have a break.  It's the end of February and we'll be ready for a break by then. 

So, how's your 2012 going so far?  Are you still writing 2011?  I'll admit, I am and I write it lots of times all day.  Usually by the end of the month I've got it down so two more weeks and I should be good.


DPUTiger said…
My dad and brother both really like the Janet Evanovich books and have read all 18, so PK may very well like it! Thanks for reminding me I need to re-read "One for the Money" so I'm ready to go see the movie with my knitting group!
Galad said…
I'm not sure about the casting of the Janet Evanovich movie so will probably wait for your review :-)

Love the baby hat
Anonymous said…
yeah im not used to 2012 yet either! that is one seriously cute baby hat, im sure it will be much appreciated. that was my first thought, no not another alien spine baby. i hope she is ok. chili can cure a lot of ills.
Rose Red said…
I think it is a very cute hat!

I will be interested in your review of the movie as I too have my doubts about the casting.

Hope all is well with Kate's back.
KnitTech said…
I haven't read the books, so I don't know if I'd like them.

I keep walking by almost budding trees and keep reminding them that it's only mid-January. They'll want to stay asleep a bit longer.
Roxie said…
I dunno - the alien spine baby wasn't malignant. there are lots of worse things. I'm just praying for nothing bad. Maybe a kidney infection that a dose of amoxycyllian will knock out. Bless her dear heart, and yours as well.

The hat is darling. I can see it being worn with tassels fore and aft, OR port and starboard. You are a gloriously generous woman.

Have fun at the movies. I'm not familiar with Janet Evanovich. I'll look for her.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Know you are cherished.
amy said…
Knit what you like. I think it's awfully cute. But I guess I'm not young anymore, so what do I know?! But seriously, tassels are just fun.
Kate said…
I love the hat, I really do. I'd wear one like it if you made it in my size.
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Amy Lane said…
I can not wait for that movie to come out-- I'm dragging my husband out to see it, and if he doesn't go, I'm dragging my daughter!
Bells said…
I still think of Em's alien spine baby sometimes and you're right, one per family is PLENTY!

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