Blogger is odd this morning (so what else is new?).  I can't seem to get the graphic to appear where I want it. (and their new verification screen is a pita.  I can never get it right the first time)   Wait, there we go!  I hope this is not an omen for the day. 
Oh, well.  This will be a little off but then people have often told me I'm a little off so I probably shouldn't worry.  I was chosen to meet with the Inspection Team yesterday.  The powers that be chose the folks to meet with the Team well.  We were all experienced staff members with 17+ years of experience and none of us was afraid to ask "what does that mean?" when faced with a question we didn't understand.

I think it went well.  The good thing was that we were able to explain exactly what we do and how we approach our jobs.  In the past, this particular Inspection Team just came and looked at charts.  This is all well and good but charts are such a poor reflection of what we do all day.  It was nice to get to explain ourselves.

I am being optimistic and brought my Madli's shawl to work on in Knit Group today.  I haven't worked on it in a long while and I'm hoping I'll have a chance not only to get a few rows in but to show the group what's possible with a few knit, purl, k2tog stitches (we'll ignore the bobbles for the time being).  The knitting group came up in the discussion with the Inspection Team yesterday.  They seemed to like the idea of addressing the whole person and not just their illness.

Pk and I had a quiet Valentine's Day.  I was so tired at the end of the day.  Not physically tired as much as emotionally tired.  One of my favorite clients (although he's not my direct responsibility, just a nice man) has cancer and is not doing well.  And another favorite one is incarcerated and another one just lost her husband.  All in a few days.  I love my job but sometimes it takes an emotional toll.  We deal with each new crisis and then hopefully get a bit of respite before the next one comes along.  This was just a rough few days. 

We decided to go to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and I had Walnuts Shrimp (that's how the menu reads).  It's fried shrimp and walnuts in some creamy sauce and it's almost comfort food.  We had a low key evening and I was asleep by 9 pm.  Not very romantic but not to be helped.

Things are otherwise just moving along.  Pk's birthday is next week and we have a short week as we always take off for his birthday.  It's in the middle of the no vacation zone on the calendar.  This year we're going to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the museum.  I'm really looking forward to it.  We'll have cake and ice cream with the girls on Sunday at the pizza place with the good wings.  They'll let us bring in our cake and balloons, we eat in there all the time.  They make such good pizza. 

Time for supervision.  I have to go pull some charts to take upstairs and make sure they're in good shape.

Have a peaceful Thursday.


amy said…
Ooh, Van Gogh exhibit. Jealous! What museum?

The knitting group SHOULD impress the inspection team. Everyone reading here, anyway, knows all the reasons why making something with your hands is good for the soul.

I'm sorry about the run of crises. I'm sure it hits you hard because you are good at your job and care so much. I hope the rest of the week is relatively calm.
Roxie said…
Quiet holidays are nice, too. Happy, loving, contentment.

I remember when you and the girls bought PK a flight in an old plane for his birthday. You guys do the coolest things! enjoy Van Gough.
DrK said…
i hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend. van gogh makes me cry, i saw the whole museum in amsterdam, it was the most amazing experience of my life. you will LOVE it. and it might help with all the work stuff too. take it easy DL xx
Bells said…
those no vacation zones are optimum time to take a break. We have one from June - October - no long weekends at all. Always the best time to schedule in some leave!

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