Happy Valentine's Day!

I gave my coworkers valentines that fold up into paper airplanes (and already I've seen one flying down the hall so it should be a good day!)

And tonight PK and I are having a quiet date.  We're avoiding the restaurants that jack up the prices and jam in more tables for the holiday.  After work, we'll hit the book store and browse magazines and books and have a coffee/tea and then go to the diner for a tasty and normally priced meal.

But I wanted to take a moment to say some things about the Love of My Life.  I know that with internet speak LOML has become a much abused phrase but when I use it here, it's with all truthfulness.

Peter Kevin is truly the love of my life and my very best friend.  He's the one I think of when I hear a good joke or a tasty bit of gossip or an interesting bit of news.

Our road has not been smooth and straight, we had a very rough patch in the early 90's and were separated for 2 years.  Looking back, it was the best thing for us.  We both needed time to grow up a bit and we are the stronger for it.

And now at 54?  We are good together and I wanted to share some of the things that make him special in my eyes

-His compassion
-His generosity of spirit
-His willingness to help anyone anytime
-His sense of humor
-He has capable, strong yet surprisingly gentle hands
-He is a great problem solver (wonderfully agile and brilliant mind)
-He can fix things!
-He holds me and I feel loved and cherished and safe
-He gets my jokes
-He has a handsome face that makes me smile
-When he sees me his face breaks out in a huge smile
-He is a great kisser
-He puts me first and makes sure I am safe and cared for (I have to walk on the inside when we're in a parking lot)
-He opens my car doors
-He loves me

Even after 30 years, my heart beats faster when I see him.  He fills me with such joy and contentment and absolute love that I can't put into words.

When we were in high school, he shared a poem with me

I am yellow, You are blue, Together we make green.  Green is my favorite color.

Green is still my favorite color.

I love you Peter Kevin.  Now and forever.


KnitTech said…

We had a quiet night of practicing karate.
Rose Red said…
(I think I'm a little bit in love with your PK too!). Hope you had a lovely night!
Bells said…
this is just beautiful. He's a keeper that bloke. I love your love for each other.

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