What a good weekend this was. 

Let's start with Friday.  The Handle with Care class went well.  I only had to take down my partner twice but I allowed someone to restrain me and my shoulders still felt it this morning.  It's not a comfortable position (but then it's not supposed to be).

Pk and I went to see the Avengers at 4:15 and liked it so much that we picked up Elanor, Kate and Patrick, got some Chinese food for dinner and went to see it again.  That Capt America fills out the spandex in a spectacular way. 

Saturday, Pk and I got up and ran errands which included looking for a space heater for under my desk at work since the a/c tends to be a bit much.  No joy.  Wrong season for heaters. We bought a birthday present for Patrick and then picked up prescriptions, did the grocery shopping and got all the laundry done.  I also baked a cake for Patrick's birthday and we went to Kate's house for dinner.  A busy but productive day.

I love spending time with my kids.  They are interesting people.  We talked about how we're spending Memorial Day next weekend and I'm pretty sure a picnic at Valley Forge will be involved.  I'll make salads and maybe some cookies, Kate will do drinks and Em offered to get lunchmeat and rolls.  Nice and easy.  Valley Forge is another one of those Battlefield Memorial Parks.  We seem to have a lot of them.  It might be nice to have a park that doesn't memorialize the dead. 

Today, I got up and went for a pedicure/manicure.  I managed to break 3 fingernails doing Handle with care but I got the manicure anyway.  It makes me feel good.  On my way home, I stopped at the hair salon for a trim/shape up.  Today was Basic Maintenance for DL day.  In a few minutes I'm going to give myself a facial.  It gets harder to keep up appearances as I age!  Or at least takes more effort.  I'm not 18 and will never look it but I can look good for 54. 

Peter Kevin spent the day in the workshop making large blocks of wood into smaller ones.  And lots of shavings.  He insists this is fun somehow. 

I spent the afternoon working on Elanor's May socks.  Not even close to being done but that's no matter.  She'll be happy when she gets them.  She's gotten 4 pairs already this year.  I've also been working my way down the body of the baby sweater.  Stockinette stitch on 2.5 needles takes a long time to grow.  It's a good thing the baby isn't due until the end of the year.

You know, I don't talk about my job much because I don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm any better than I am.  I am good at my job but no better than my coworkers.  We are a good team and work well together.  I think the folks I work with appreciate what I do, the ones that recognize that there's a lot of paperwork/phone calls/forms etc to be taken care of.  One of my guys calls me the Empress of the Universe.  I  try to be there and to listen and to offer support and sometimes I'm in the right place at the right time to offer the hand to hold onto.  Most of the time, it's putting out little fires before they become conflagrations and helping people put out their own fires so they don't need me.
I just fell into a job that I happen to be good at doing.

Well, I'm watching the daylight fade outside and it's time to put the avacado/oatmeal mask (it's in a tube) on my face.  It makes my skin feel soft and I like the way it smells.  It's time to pack up my things for tomorrow morning and to find the clothes for my gym bag in case we get done early enough to go to the gym.  It's time to prepare to face another work week.

Weekends are so short.


amy said…
It's a fabulous thing, enjoying one's children. Not everyone enjoys spending time with their kids, do they?!
KnitTech said…
Sometimes I think we work as hard on the weekends as we do during the week.
Roxie said…
The Avengers totally rocks, and I really wanted to sit through it again. Thor is my have, but this new guy Hawkeye is pretty Hunk-a-licious, too.

It sounds like a very satisfying weekend for you. Hooray for weekends like that!
Galad said…
Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. Self care, family time and hunks in spandex!
Kaye said…
maybe making big blocks into little ones is the woodworking equivalent to knitting dishcloths? mindless but fun!
DrK said…
when weekends are full of so much goodness, its hard to let them go isnt it? i love that you think your kids are interesting too. its lovely :)
Amy Lane said…
It really is wonderful liking to talk to your children. It makes me feel good, like somehow I had something to do with a good person being in the universe.

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