Michael Phelps

I haven't watched any of the Olympics (am I allowed to use the word in conversation?) but I was aware of the phenomenon known as Michael Phelps.  This made me laugh today.  It's XKCD, one of my favorite online comics.

Life at work goes on.  Since the Exec Director was the unseen presence on the third floor most days, it's not immediately noticeable that she's gone.  I'll notice today when we have a meeting and she's not there.  She was more involved in client affairs than any other director before her and knew more folks by name, which was a rare and good thing.  I think the committee meeting today will miss her.

And another really good thing?  The car started right up.  After Pk put the essential parts into place and stepped away, he gave me the honor of starting it for the first time in over 3 years.  It turned over and went vrooom just like it's supposed to.

Now, it needs to go and spend some quality time with a mechanic to get all the fluids changed and the new tires/brakes done and then it's off to the inspection station.  I like this car.  It's small but not tiny and will haul all of our stuff.  I say that like we have lots of stuff but with life consisting mostly of just the two of us, the reality is that we don't need a big car anymore. 

The heat of summer continues almost unabated here.  I don't remember a summer where we didn't get a few days of gorgeousness thrown into the mix but this year, we may get one day where the temps are not 90 or above and the humidity has been killer but then it's right back to being ugly.  Needless to say, there have been less outdoor activities and more hibernating.  I'm not thrilled with this but we're old enough to know better than to stay out in this weather.

I am steadily working on the body of my sweater.  I do a few rows at a time.  It's a tight fabric and is not easy on the hands.  I don't usually knit this tight but since I wanted the fabric to be warm, I'm using smaller needles than I might normally use.  I like the way it looks. 

I'm thinking of doing the Master Knitter course.  I know Roxie has done it and wondered if anyone else has.  I've read up on it and it looks challenging but doable.  Anyone have any experience with this?  I know it really doesn't mean anything to anyone but me but for some reason I find the idea of it appealing.  I think it goes back to the idea that I'm entirely self taught here and it will give me validation of sorts.  (psychologist hat on here!  I know I can knit and have knit may beautiful and useful things but still there is a part of myself that is doubtful of my skills.  And yes, I know it doesn't make sense but there it is)  I haven't decided definitely to do it but I'm thinking about it.  Anyone else game?

That's about all the news for now.  My baby turned 23 this past weekend.  I'm not sure how that happened but I'm so proud of the lovely young woman she's grown into.  She's kind and thoughful and loving, an entirely sucessful human being.  When she was born, the midwife told me that third children most often favor their mothers.  Now, she probably told me this because my brunette self gave birth to two blondes previously and she wanted to make me happy but Kate is the child who most reminds me of me.  Yes, she has brown hair and eyes (we are the minority in our family) and my odd sense of humor.  She's definitely my kid. 

Emily is just as kind and loving but is more driven to succeed and has way more energy than any two other people.  She's a wonder.  Elanor is more laid back and introverted.  She's perfectly happy with her own company and will tell folks to bugger off and leave her alone.

Kate kind of takes things as they come and deals with them. It took me a lifetime of struggling with things to get to that point so maybe she's way ahead of me already. 

It's Hump Day and time to go to work.  Happy Wednesday!


Roxie said…
Oh, go for the Master Knitter's course. You will learn so much! (about knitting, about yourself, about life in general. Knitting is like that.) And I'd be delighted to coach you. I used the Vogue Knitting Book for my Bible and it even got me through Kitchner Stitch.

My heart goes out to you. We have had a mostly cool and cloudy summer this year, but I know you folks are just suffering on the East coast. Thank God for AC and fans!

Hooray for PK! What a man! It takes real skills to revive a car. Good on him! He deserves an ice cream cone at the very least, and a loving kiss on the nose.
Galad said…
Who better than Roxie to coach you through the Master Knitter course? Sounds like a plan to me.

Woot woot for PK and the car that runs!
Saren Johnson said…
I'm thought about the master's course, but I can't really see a reason to do it.
Rose Red said…
I think it's worth doing the Master Knitter's Course (I'd quite like to do it too, and I'm not even in the US) - always good to learn new knitting skills, even if just to know you can do it!

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