I visit my doctor every 12 weeks to monitor my blood pressure (among other things) and yesterday was my regular visit.  On Tuesday, I left work early because I was just feeling out of it and really tired.  I totally blamed it on Peter Kevn's cpap mask not working well and him keeping me up but I think it was probably more me than him.

(His mask needed a new gel pillow and we ordered some online before I thought to look locally and found a supplier within 5 miles.  Yay for never paying more in postage that the cost of the object!)

I went to work on Wednesday and since we slept better on Tuesday night, I felt a bit more normal.   Thursday morning I just felt blah.  I was pretty sure I had a sinus infection from the headaches and general yucky feeling and was glad I had a dr appt.  By the time I got to the doctor's office, I was a rather fetching reddish color.  Turns out, I had a fever (the dr told me the inside of my ears was "hot", not red but "hot like little ovens") and it probably stemed from the sinus infection.  She gave me a nuclear strength antibiotic (10 days of medicine in only 3 pills) and told me to drink liquids and take it easy.  I had such a killer headache and got permission to take decongestant and pain killers.

The fever seems to have broken and the antibiotic is running through my body like a hot knife through butter.  I am very good friends with my toilet today.  My head is a bit achy but not nearly as bad as last night.  I'm mostly sitting around and not doing anything.  I know my body doesn't feel well because I'm just not hungry (and I'm a bit afraid to eat since nothing seems to linger long in my body at the moment). 

And now for something completely different........

I got some beautiful fibery bits in the mail lately.  First is the box of cupcakes I won as part of Team Cupcake in the Tour de Fleece.

These are merino, cashmere and silk and the color is called Water and Sky.  Joan lives in NY near the river that runs into Niagara Falls.  She says this color was inspired by the river in front of the Peace Bridge. 

It's so pretty and so soft.  I wish you could touch it.  I am looking forward to spinning it. 

And these are the last three months of the artwalk yarn club.  The lighting for the photo is a bit iffy since it was raining at the time.  The top is Jackson Pollock, the middle is Salvador Dali and the bottom is a Marc Chagall.  I lovelovelove them.  I am not even winding them up now since I have 5 pairs of socks in progress plus three shawls and one baby sweater (and of course, my sweater.)  I cleaned out the mess that was piled in my bedroom and organized things a bit.  I need to finish some socks first (and I mean NEED, this having so many pairs otn at the same time makes me a bit crazy.  I'm not sure how this happened).  I am 2/3 done El's first June sock and it's moving surprisingly quickly.  I think that's what happens when you actually put the time into knitting something.

Knittech said in the comments that she had thought of the Master Knitter course but didn't see the need.  I have been thinking about that a lot since that was my feeling as well for the longest time.  I think I am looking forward to the challenge.  Pk is excited about this.  He thinks it's cool that I would want to challenge myself to try to meet their standards (which I understand are exacting).  Will I enjoy knitting more?  Maybe/maybe not.  But what I think it might help me do is understand what I'm doing more.  It's my hobby and I truly enjoy it but I can't say that I understand how much of it actually works.  Some people seem to grasp concepts of design and construction that I don't even see.  I think I'd like to see. 

This will be a quiet weekend.  We'll be celebrating Kate's birthday on Saturday so I have to bake a cake.  But that's not difficult.  Mostly, I think there will be sitting around.  If my brain clears up, maybe some knitting. And listening to something light and frivolous. Today, it's Nora Roberts.  Lots of pretty people, dangerous situations and steamy sex scenes.  Not a profound thought in evidence.  Just what my brain needs.


Roxie said…
I hope you're feeling better today. Hooray for big antibiotics! Live culture yogurt for you, now. Meanwhile, involuntary weight loss.

The cupcakes look luscious! Soo pretty! And the Artwalk yarns are, as always, fascinating.

Rest hard. Feel better soon.
Rose Red said…
Oh, those fibre cupcakes really do look good enough to eat! Yum!
DrK said…
having just gone a round with killer antibiotics i feel your pain. i recommend yoghurt too, it helped. and i looooove those artwalk yarns you get, such a lovely thing to be inspired by. feel better soon. xx
Saren Johnson said…

Hope you're better now.

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