Know what one of the really cool things about my husband is?   He's cooking dinner.  And all I had to do is say, "when are you cooking dinner?".

Today, well, this whole week so far really, was not smooth.  With all the upheaval going on at work (doctors leaving and coming and having surgery), things are not smooth.  And it's prime vacation time so there's always someone covering for someone else. 

All this means is that I'm tired today.  We were supposed to go grocery shopping this weekend but my inability to leave the vacinity of the bathroom squashed that.  Monday, Pk was late getting out of work.  Tuesday he wanted to work on the car.  Today?  We figured we'd wait till tomorrow and we see what we get in the CSA share.  Thankfully we have food in the freezer and on the shelves so we can eat.  We really do have to go shopping tomorrow.  I'll be out of cream for my coffee you see.

We sat down upstairs after work and I said those words, "when are you cooking dinner?" and Pk looked at me in his way and I knew the words that would come out of his mouth, but he surprised me by standing up and saying, "now".  "REALLY?"  "You want me to cook dinner, I'll cook dinner."

This is so cool.  It smells delicious (london broil, noodles and fresh tomatoes) and I'm hungry.  I love to cook but sometimes it's just nice to have someone else cook for you.

And look.  I finished a sock.  Half of June's socks for Elanor.  It's Embossed Leaves (which I adore) with the star toe.  I really like star toes.  I don't know why I don't use them more often.  I think I forget.

 Yes, it's one of Roxanne's yarns.  One of Andy Warhol's shoe paintings.  I wasn't sure about the colors but went boldly on and used it and I really love how it's coming out.  I'm trying to catch up so it's been all socks all the time.  I can keep that up for a while before I stray.

I completely frogged a half done shawl in a pattern I bought at a trunk show.  It's supposed to use up ends of sock yarn but I had some yarn I bought for it. It just wasn't working for me.  It sat and sat until I faced the realization that I wasn't going to finish it.  It was far easier than I thought it would be.

Not much else is going on.  We have a quiet weekend coming up.  If the weather cooperates, we might get to the lake.  We haven't gone all summer.  And the summer has been so hot.  It hasn't been nice enough to have our usual picnics at the river.  I hadn't realized that we haven't had a picnic since Memorial Day and that's not normal for us.  Just one of those odd summers.

Oh, and my dinner?  It was delicious.  I love tomatoes (and they do not return the sentiment) so I eat them sparingly.  These were excellent, with really good flavor.  The meat was done just right and the noodles were noodles (I just don't like them much but Pk does). 

And I didn't have to cook it.


Rose Red said…
Dinner you don't have to cook is always the best kind of dinner! (unless it is brussels sprouts or cabbage or similar!). Yay PK.

I just love grey and yellow together. A few years ago I would have said no way, but it has really grown on me!and of course that is my favourite sock pattern ever! I don't use star toes much either, I don't know why. I guess I just remember how to do a wedge toe without really thinking about it.
Roxie said…
Give that man a kiss on the nose for me. What a darling.

Lovely socks! What a munificent Christmas gift!
Saren Johnson said…
PK is keeper!

Work will sort itself out one way or another, and when the dust settles you'll still be standing.
Anne said…
My husband is the "cook", too ~ aren't we lucky? I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following! So nice to "meet" you! ♥
DrK said…
those socks look fantastic! and yay for someone else to cook dinner. i like doing it too mostly but some days you just really need a break. good on you PK!
Helen said…
Sean works longer hours than I do so cooking dinner is hard for him but on Sunday he makes a curry, starting early in the afternoon. I put my feet up and leave him to it and everyone's happy!

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