tide out
tide in!
So, how was your weekend?  We finally did the grocery shopping Saturday morning.  Come Thursday, it was finally a glorious day (way too nice to go to the grocery store) so we headed out to the park for dinner.

The Delaware River is a tidal river and I know this.  I have seen the mud flats on the sides when the tide is out from the bridge in the morning. 

I've never seen it up close.  The tide has never been out while we've been there for a picnic.  I have no idea what was different this time.  You can see how far out the water was.  Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone so the quality isn't as good but if you click on it, it gets clearer.  You can see the flock of geese that lives there all over the mud.

It has a rich, earthy smell and a green cast to it.  We haven't quite hit drought conditions here this summer but the first part of it was very dry.  The park was crispy the last time we were here.  Thursday it was green and soft again.  It was so delightful to sit and feel the breeze and knit and watch the planes come into the airport.

I have another baby sweater otn and then another one after that.  We have three more babies due at work!  (It's in the water I tellya.  I drink the bottled stuff for a reason).  I sat in my chair and worked on a sweater while Kate worked on some D&D campaign strategies and Pk listened to Motown classics.  He was so cute miming Stop In The Name of Love.  Diana Ross would have been proud. 

We did a small shopping trip on Saturday to get back into our pattern and then Pk finished putting all the various parts back on the car.  I called the garage today and they took it away to give it a check up, change all the fluids, put on new brakes and tires and do the inspection.  Hopefully, the nice mechanic will call me and tell me that I will not have to sell a kidney to pay for it and it will be ready for us tomorrow or Wednesday.  Then we can take Em back her car.  She has been so patient and good about it but I know she misses her baby.

kate with a friend
Kate and I are planning to go to the NJ Sheep Show in September.  It's such a small show, much smaller than MDSW and that's why we like it.  It's not overwhelming and the booths are usually smaller, local people.  You won't see Socks That Rock in a booth with a winding line.  You can talk to folks and get up close.

 Last year we got some gorgeously soft handspun alpaca and we're planning to look for some more this year.  I made a scarf with mine, Kate made a shawl with hers.  And all the while, we kept saying, "next year, we have to get more of this".  We'll also look for some local spinning fiber.  I b ought the alpaca for Pk's big grey sweater at the NJ show.  It's time to think about what kind of sweater he'd like next. (well, after I finish mine of course)

I just have to keep Kate away from the bunnies.  She made fast friends last year and wanted to bring one home.

Otherwise, things are quiet here.  End of summer quiet.  We have a full week this week and then two short weeks as we take a few days off surrounding Labor Day (Sept 3 this year in the US).  We have no plans, just relaxing.

You know how I like my early morning Buddhist inspirations?  Today's was delightful and made me think about how I walk around.

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet."
 ~Thich Nhat Hanh
 Isn't that an interesting image?  I walked more gently today, more aware of how I was moving.  I know it won't last and I'll go back to my rushing down the hall again but just for today, I walked as if I were kissing the Earth with my feet.


amy said…
I'll try to remember that quote tomorrow!

I find it disconcerting, at this point, to be around water that isn't tidal. Isn't that funny? Estuaries and ocean. :) They make me happy.
Saren Johnson said…
It's amazing what a bit of rain can do for the grass. I'm pray for some today, they say it's possible.
Roxie said…
And the Earth kisses you back.

Sounds like a serene picnic. And what fun to see the low tide for the first time. Life is so full of new experiences.
Kaye said…
We've got three babies due at work too--in addition to the four that have already been born this year. And I DID drink the bottled water! Ha ha!

Hey--I'll be at NJ Sheep too!
DrK said…
well you know i had a good weekend, my only problem with weekends is how quickly they're over. i love that quote, im working hard on my mindfulness at the moment too!
Helen said…
oh the sheep show - what a fun idea!!!
Olivia said…
Bunnies ARE very appealing!
Amy Lane said…
What a lovely quote-- and Kate and her friend look very happy! I wouldn't want to give my bunny up either!

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