This is what my poor crocuses woke up to on Friday morning.  There were just a few tiny blossoms and the inch of wet snow that fell just about buried them.  It wasn't enough snow to be much more than an inconvenience and it was wet and heavy.

And all gone by Saturday as the temps were up in the mid 50's.  Pk got to spend most of his days outside working on his tools and making smaller pieces of wood out of large pieces of wood.  In other words, he was enjoying himself. 

I spent the weekend relaxing and doing some chores.  Of course the grocery shopping and laundry got done, food and clean underwear being all important.  I spent a good bit of time working on some knitting and have almost finished one (out of 16) repeats on my Ringwraith shawl.  This doesn't give you a good shot of the stitches but the colors show up well.  I love this yarn.  It's got a bit of fuzziness from the mohair but it's not really fuzzy and it feels so soft to knit with. 

I love Sundays like I'm having today.  We got up (and then reset all the clocks since I forgot to do it last night and most of the "technology" sets itself) and had french toast and scrapple for brunch. 

I then pulled out the strap material I bought and fixed the straps on my bag for work.  I bought some extra strength thread and a strong needle and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  I cut off the pleather part and hand sewed the new piece on.  It could be a bit neater but overall, I'm pleased with my fix.  I think I've extended the life of the bag by quite a bit.

And I bought enough material to fix Kate's bag as well. 

Since I had the sewing basket out, I did the mending that I have been planning to do for a while.  I fixed some of Pk's work shirts.  He has a tendency to tear them and so I do the best I can to put them back together.  One poor jacket is starting to resemble Frankenstein's monster with all its black mattress stitching. 

I then put an apple pie in the oven and started the dough for Focaccia for dinner.  We're having Wedding soup and Focaccia for dinner with apple pie for desert.  The house smells all cinnamon-y and delicious and I have a feeling of accomplishment.  I am now going to chop onions and garlic for the bread and then knit until it's time to put dinner together.

 The windows are open and you can tell that Spring is definitely around the corner.  If next weekend is like this, the curtains can come down and the windows can get washed and the baseboards and walls.  And then we can start thinking Gardens. 

I really missed the snow this winter but at this point, it's hopeless so I am going to turn my face toward the sun and start planning for the warm(er) weather.

Dr K is coming next week and I can't wait!  We're trying to figure out where we should go for dinner on Monday.  Kate is voting for a NJ diner.  They are unique to our area and the food is decent.  You can get almost anything at a diner. 

It's 4:30 already and time to check the dough.  I can smell it so it must be rising away.  I hope y'all are having (or have had) a good day as well.


amy said…
Mmmm, I used to love diner food. Not really an option for me anymore. We still have some great ones up here too and I have lots of diner memories.

We got plenty of snow this winter. I like that it helps reflect the sunlight--I feel it maximizes the light exposure, which helps me--but I'm ready for spring now. I hope we don't get any more March snowstorms.
Saren Johnson said…
Grilltech made the best ribs ever last night!
Kaye said…
I saw a crocus here in Newark shortly after I freaked out about your Southern Jersey one. I get the feeling it met the same fate as yours on Friday. But now we're back to the 50s and rain instead of snow. I think this winter was better than last winter. It could have used a bit more snow--but it was better than not getting ANY like we did the year before!

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