"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."
~The Buddha

I had one of these moments this morning.  You know the ones?  Where you look up and the sky is the bluest of blues and goes on forever into infinity ("and beyond"!).  For some reason it touched my heart and made me laugh.  Every once in a while, things feel perfect.  There's nothing different today than yesterday.  I haven't slept well all week.  I blame DST but it could just as well be perimenopausal insomnia. 

For some reason, nothing mattered this morning.  It's a beautiful  morning and since I know a rain/snow storm is on its way, I think I enjoyed the sight of the blue sky even more.  I was walking along the train platform toward the love of my life and suddenly I had "the feeling" that all's right in my world.  I know it's a fleeting thing so I'm going to grab it and let the smile out all day. 

This could all be a product of the reduced amount of sleep but a smile is a smile and there are not enough of them in the world to suit my taste.  I'm going to give them away as though they were free today.

Part of my happy today is from the fact that Kylie is coming into town on Sunday and we're having dinner on Monday.  I am so looking forward to it.  We've definitely decided on the diner for dinner.  I just can't pass up a chance to show off our "cuisine".  It's hardly fancy and the tables don't have cloths and the napkins are paper but it's where we hang out when we want a meal that's good with no fuss.

Sometimes that's what's called for.  And they make a mean burger.....

Emily's birthday is coming up right after Easter.  She asked for an apron and "something handmade".  Pk is working up a terrific idea.  We're heading out early tomorrow morning to get him some tools (because all of his projects involve a new tool--just like new knitting projects needing a different size needle).  He has two weeks and will probably be cutting it close since this is a new thing for him but it will be so worth it.  I'll share photos after he gives it to Em.

When I was growing up, hand made gifts were not favored.  In fact they were scorned. (I have this vague memory of one of my aunts making fun of something my cousin made for her.  I remember the hurt it engendered.  It made an impression)  It pleases me to no end that my kids think things made by hand are things to be treasured. 

So, our weekend will be filled with making things since Pk has to start his project and I am in the middle of my handmade gift for Em. 

Did I mention I have a poetry group at work?  My clients asked for an enrichment type group and we decided on poetry.  It's up and down.  Some groups are amazing and creative and others fall flat.  But that's true of any group.  One of the interesting things we've done is write a group poem.  Ours was about happiness and we decided it smells like a birthday cake. 

What does happiness smell like to you?


Roxie said…
Happiness smells like my husband. Happiness sounds like a purr. Happiness feels like six balls of lavender bamboo yarn. Happiness tastes like watermelon. Happiness looks like a blue sky that goes up forever.

I rejoice in your happiness. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Your poetry group sounds awesome! Good, good, good for you! Wish I could play, too.

My mom also felt that hand-made was second rate. Luckily, I have found people who understand that there is love in every stitch, even if it doesn't look store-bought.
Galad said…
Happiness smells like a baby's head,a whiff of pine tree on a cool breeze,chocolate chip cookies baking and the pages of a new book.

Your poetry group sounds great. I'm sure many appreciate it.

Here's to many more blue sky moments :-)
DrK said…
happiness smells like a new jersey diner!! can not wait!
Rose Red said…
I'm not sure what happiness smells lIke, but a smell that makes me very happy is the smell of rain on a hot day. And the smell of the daphne flower, and tuberose. And my baby.
Saren Johnson said…
Happiness smell of vanilla.
Deb said…
Happiness is lilacs in the spring.

A baby's laughter.

Having your kids say they understand (now that they're adults) why you had the rule that they hated.

A hug for no reason.

There's lots more, but I'll stop now.

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