Here we are at Tuesday morning already.  Our weather has been bouncing back and forth between cold and balmy.  When we leave for work in the morning, it can be cold enough for mittens but coming home, it's warm enough for just shirt sleeves.  It's a weird time of year.

Sunsets are short but intense.  This is out the back window of my house just about dinner time (around 5 pm).  The days are getting shorter so quickly.  In another few weeks by 5 it will be full on dark.

I ripped out an almost finished (all but the last half of the foot) sock because it finally dawned on me to try it on and it was a bit too small.  Since the sock was for me, it had to be ripped.  It has been restarted and the larger needles are making just enough difference.

I have been using some Noro that Kate gave me for my birthday for another pair of socks for me (if someone gives me some yarn, I almost feel honor bound to make something for myself with it).  This pair was too large and I had to rip it out to the cast on (which is something like 189 stitches) and use smaller needles.  As you can see, it has the famed Noro color combinations and unevenness.  It's Silk Garden and so is a silk/wool blend.  It's not soft but I have another pair of socks made out of this and they have lasted quite a long time.  I enjoy wearing brightly colored socks that can peek out of my more conservative colored pants. 

Pk and I were shopping last weekend and we came to the canned meats aisle.  Now, we are not canned meats type of people.  I think the only thing we've bought in that category is tuna and maybe once in a while, chicken for him to take backpacking. 

AdultI stepped back and was surprised to see an entire shelf section of Spam.  When I was a kid, my mother (who didn't like to cook and was an uninspired cook on a good day), would take a chunk of span and cut slices almost completely through the meat.  She would place pieces of cheddar cheese in these cuts and bake the whole thing.  Yes, it is as awful as it sounds but she was proud of it.

But, look at all the flavors of spam!  Honey BBQ, plain BBQ, Lite Spam and regular old Spam.  And if you're so inclined, you can get clothing with the Spam logo on it. 

We live in an odd world.


Roxie said…
You should see the Spam selection at the Honolulu Walmart. You can also get teriyaki Spam, wasabi Spam, and Jalapeño Spam. they have an entire Spam section. OH, and Spam with real bacon!
Galad said…
My mother fried Spam slices and I hated it!
Saren Johnson said…
Grilltech loves SPAM. Me? Not so much.
DrK said…
it was pretty rare in my house thank goodness, i always thought it reminded me of cat food. which tuna does too on a good day. i think hipsters have reclaimed spam now, and theres a whole gourmet spam thing happening. it will pass, once they eat it. i wonder if anyone's ever done spam and vegemite??? the noro looks great by the way, it is very hardy yarn.
Rose Red said…
Oh spam! I have some childhood memories of spam too, not quite as bad as yours! We didn't have it very often, and I haven't had it for years. Mostly we'd have thick slices fried with pineapple on top (that makes me go ewwwwww now!). I think I used to love it though!

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