I have no idea why but I feel like I am fairly glowing with holiday spirit this year.  It feels so strong that I am sure people see it streaming out of my ears. 

Things are not nearly ready.  I've only baked fruit cakes, nothing else (that's this weekend).  None of the presents are wrapped and some are still in transit.  I have shopping left to do.

But the house is decorated with favorite things and some new lights.  The Christmas tree is making everything smell like the outdoors. 

I put these snow flakes on my office door and they have been wildly popular.  I bought a book last year of snowflake patterns.  They teach you how to fold the paper and then how to cut them to form gorgeous flakes.  I have not-so-good scissors at work so I chose some of the less intricate patterns. 

I think the thing that is driving all this good cheer is the thought of a long vacation coming up in just a few days.  Pk and I realized last night that we haven't taken more than a long weekend in years and years.  And we've never taken almost 2 weeks at a time.  He's excited, too.

Our holiday plans are moving along.  Most of the cookies will get baked this weekend.  We'll work on Christmas Adam and then go out with some friends.  Christmas Eve will be for baking sugar cookies (and using the new cutters I got at the flea market) and babka and chocolate torte.  It will be for decorating the tree and drinking wine punch and coquita and eating ham and biscuit sandwiches.

The Penguinski has already started.  Em got an inflatable penguin in her spare room, El got an adorable upside down penguin mug and Kate?  Well Kate got a very necessary bit of penguinski.  Pk is preparing for an onslought over the next 2 weeks.

So, are you ready?  Are you feeling the holidays?  Things at work have been more stressful than I have ever felt and I think that plays a part as well. 

We are in the final countdown and I feel like Kermit running around flapping my arms saying Christmas is coming Christmas is coming!


Roxie said…
Love, love, love the penguin hat!
So glad for your holiday cheer.
Two weeks off together sounds wonderful! Schedule in naps and cuddles. You are entitled!!
Galad said…
I can't see a penguin now without thinking of your family :-) Have a wonderful holiday and time off!

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