As of 12:17 pm yesterday, it is officially Winter here in my part of the world. 

Now, I know everyone does not experience the same kind of winter as we do here in NJ.  In fact, we often don't have the same kind of winter any two years in a row.  We've had really snowy winters and some where the snow could be measured in fractions of an inch.

What you can usually count on, though, is cold.  The temp has dropped 10 degrees from its high of 74 F.  This afternoon while I was trying to bake cookies, it was rather warm.  Since some of the cookies we only make at Christmas require the dough to be handled, it made for an interesting afternoon.  We made pizzelles, lemon slices, butter horns, thumbprints and the dough for the pfefferneuse is in the refrigerator still because it was very soft. 

I have a small bit of baking that I traditionally do on Christmas Eve and all our favorite foods will be ready. 

I have a small amount of shopping to do with Pk (which we will do after work tomorrow) and we're going out to dinner together to enjoy some quiet time before the holidays. 

I haven't wrapped anything yet.  I'll do it tomorrow and if I have to, Tuesday.   We're both working tomorrow and then we'll be on vacation.  We've already made some vague plans.  

The day after Christmas, there are manymanymany soccer games on and Pk has already said he wants to spend the day in his pajamas.  I'm totally behind that.

 Friday, we're going to Philadelphia to the Russian store to check out the Christmas stuff.   Saturday we may go to Lancaster.  One day we'll go to a matinee and we'll spend lots of time playing and sleeping.

I am knitting four different pairs of socks and two pairs of mittens and one shawl and a baby sweater so my hands will be busy.  I'd like to get the spinning wheel out (it got put away when we were putting up sheetrock) and play with some fiber.  Pk would like to get out into the workshop for a bit but that is dependent on the weather.

Which is where I started this, isn't it?  I'm sitting on my bed with the windows open listening to the night noises.  There are no insect noises, no crickets (although the damn stink bugs have not gone away.  El just removed one from the lamp here next to the bed.) and just random cars going by.  We're waiting for some heavy rain overnight and into tomorrow. 

I planned to wear red and white and wear my Santa hat but maybe not if it's pouring.  I'll cross my fingers......

Don't forget to wish folks a Happy Christmas Adam tomorrow!


amy said…
I told my oldest about Christmas Adam yesterday, while we were doing the grocery shopping. He thought it was hysterical. ;)

Enjoy your time off!
Saren Johnson said…
It's 64 there? Today it's a balmy 34 with a chance of rain. Which is better then the snow we got on Friday.
Galad said…
In Iowa we are a high of 6 degrees with -17 overnight. We had six inches of new powdery snow yesterday so it is beautiful looking out. We Arizona folk are staying inside!
Roxie said…
Sounds as if you have a fabulous holiday planned. Happy spinning!
DrK said…
i hope you're having a great day and lots of love to you and pk and the gorgeous girls, please say hi to everyone for me! i hope it snows too! kxx
Rose Red said…
This year - for a change - I managed to get almost all the resents wrapped before Christmas Eve. I felt very proud of myself. U likely to ever happen again, heh!
Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas Day and afterwards.

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