It's been almost 2 weeks since I last sat down to my computer.  This is the longest vacation Peter Kevin and I have had in years.  And we are enjoying every last minute.  There has been napping and eating and spinning and some going out (but not very much). 

How about I share some photos?  There have been Tardis sightings in the Christmas tree. 

And Tyranosaurs eating sheep (Peter Kevin can always be counted on to make colorful cookies....)

 Peter Kevin and Elanor made sausage.  This is their first attempt.  It's Italian sausage and I have it on good authority that it tasted just fine (but they need to work on the texture a bit). 

There has been some knitting.  It took me hours to find a pattern for mittens that Peter Kevin felt was sufficiently manly for him to wear.  It's coming out great (and will be nice and warm).  It's the first time I am using an electronic pattern without printing it out.  It's actually nice to use the Knit Companion app now that they've made it easier to set it up with a project.

 We had a Christmas tree that fit in the room without scraping the ceiling. We had lights all over the house both inside and out. 

We've made trips to the Russian store for pierogies and kielbasa. 

We went to the movies and saw the Hobbit (better than the first one but still disappointing to me). 

Peter Kevin was asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve.  We were home and he was tired so he went to bed.  I was in bed shortly after.  Party animals we are not. 

Today we ventured out to the bookstore to sit in the café and read magazines before the SNOWSTORM hits.  Yes, we are predicted to get 8 inches of snow and very cold temps tonight and tomorrow.  I am so glad we're not going to work.

I think we've managed to do what we planned.  We spent enough time with other people to feel social but enough time alone to finally let that core of exhaustion melt away.  I realized just how tired I was on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day.  I have taken a nap just about every day we've been off and sleeping a full 8 hours every night.  The last few weeks at work were mentally stressful and it's taken me all this time to feel like I am recovering.  I know Peter Kevin feels the same.  He's been playing games and overdosing on soccer games. 

And chocolate torte.  He does love his torte.

I hope you all are having good holidays and that the New Year brings you peace and joy and most of all contentment.

This year's goals are to continue to live in the moment and to learn to be contented with what I have.  I will cultivate patience and peace and remember to give other people the benefit of the doubt. 

And in the spirit of Penguinski,


amy said…
I know! We're expecting 6-8", apparently. School is cancelled and my 7 am PT appointment was shifted to 1 pm (I will be bringing all the kids, yahoo), so at least I don't have to be up at any particular time!

I'm glad you're catching up on sleep. I probably slept an hour later than usual over the vacation week, and today (a normal school/homeschool day, up at 6 am) I noticed the difference by afternoon--I couldn't keep my eyes open. Just that hour makes such a difference!
Galad said…
I noticed that the week we were away, I got my sleep rhythm back, waking naturally about the same time every morning. Glad you rested and enjoyed your time off!
DrK said…
i am very much looking forward to some snow pictures!! i hope you are all tucked up nice and warm. i know what you mean about being tired, i hae had a couple of naps everyday and still have more to do :) i hope 2014 brings you much peace and joy!
Rose Red said…
I'm so glad you had a long holiday. Because it's summer here, people (except retail workers) traditionally have a long break over Christmas/New Year - two weeks is often the minimum, so it's hard to imagine how you all go back to work so quickly after Christmas - the lead up to
Christmas is so tiring, a break is really important. Sounds like you've made the most of it, (I am still in my pjs and it is after lunch time here!)
Denise said…
Sounds like a wonderful holiday! So important to be able to rest properly, and not fill up your holiday being busy, and end up more exhausted than when you started.

I wish the Knit Companion people would design some decent icons and graphics for the app - esp considering how expensive it is. I rarely use it any more, and prefer a good PDF reader like GoodReader. But I will check out the latest update.
Anonymous said…
so cold!! Such a contrast to here!

I think it sounds like you managed your down time well - that's a good balance. Some social time, some hibernation.

The dinosaur cookie is the best! LOVE it!

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