So, where have I been for the last few weeks?  I'll tell you.

First, I got the flu around Jan 31 and spent the first week of February moving between my couch and the bed and the bathroom.  I managed to get pinkeye during this time (I have no idea how, I didn't leave the house for days and days but the dr says it's not at all unusual for the virus to appear in the eyes).  I did have a flu shot back in October since it's a condition of my employment but obviously the virus didn't notice.

I tried to knit but was unable to focus on much of anything and my hands were busy keeping my nose dry.....

Most of this week, I was wearing a red vest (here I am in my office between requests for computer help).  We went "live" with our new computer system and the red vest was the way our project manager identified the SuperUsers and IT staff.  I spent most days helping folks get used to how the new system works.

It actually went way better than I thought.

The rest of this week, we have been dealing with this.  This is what it looked like out front of my house (from the front door since I didn't have shoes on and couldn't get outside).  You can see where they plowed the street and blocked in our car.  It was a good thing neither Pk nor I had to go to work (his office was closed and I put in for a vacation day just in case). 

I love snow, I really do but I hate that I am having to use vacation days when I can't get to work.  I won't have any time when the weather is nice and I want to take some time off.

This is our maple tree.  You can see the pre-buds there under the snow.  We got about a foot yesterday and then some rain/sleet and then about 3 inches more overnight. It was a mess this morning but we made it in ok.  I was hoping to get to the candy store and get Pk's favorite chocolate covered cherries but haven't had the time yet.  Today the place will be a mad house but I may go anyway.  He's worth it.

His birthday is coming up and once again he wants to go to the wood show with his brother in law.  I'll supply him with some cash and he will drool over tools and various types of wood (sounds just like when we all go to sheep shows doesn't it?)  He wants an angel food cake and I'll make that for him.  He says he's not in the mood for a party and I'll honor his request. 

Otherwise, things here are good. We are sheetrocking and spackling slowly.  It's hard to do it after work.  You know how it is.  You work all day and then who wants to come home and work more?  

I just got back from a walk to the candy store.  It's gorgeous outside!  The candy store was crowded but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be so I will be able to surprise my love with his favorite.

I hope y'all are having a Happy Valentine's Day!


amy said…
I'm so sorry you had the flu! I've heard it's terrible this year. I am also sick of snow, and we're due more tomorrow. Lots of shoveling this week, while my husband is in Florida for business.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Galad said…
Sorry to hear you've been so ill but glad you feeling better.

That's great that your roll out went well. I guess all of the work you've put in was worth it.
Rose Red said…
I'm very glad your project roll out went well, that must have been a relief.
I'm sorry you have to take vacation days when you literally can't get to work - your work really is not very people friendly is it.
Saren Johnson said…
Glad you're feeling better.

Hope the snow levels off and spring comes soon.
Anonymous said…
im catching up on your posts and you're going to get lots of comments about how gorgeous the snow is, sorry, even though i know its annoying! whenever i think about working in the US i remember your terrible conditions and think how lucky we are here. i hope the flu has passed by now. you look like a Super User in that red vest, i hope everyones settled in now.

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